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Discussion in 'Aviation' started by r.sole, Apr 3, 2007.

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  1. Can anybody tell me when the Corps is undertaking public duties? I know that's it's during or before the summer.

    One of the London papers this morning had a picture of female AAC officer on parade at Buck' Palace. Didn’t think it was this early in the year. Am going to pop over when ‘we’ are on and the picture made me think we’d missed it


  2. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    According to the AAC website, it's three weeks over May 07.
  3. Not sure your recognition skills are up to much. The pictures I saw in the paper this morning were of King's Troop personnel - gunners not aviators....
  4. Depends which paper you read - pics of both in Daily Mail.
  5. The Daily what?

    The only 'daily' ends in Telegraph :)
  6. FFS!!!

    Read your PM.
    All this month, check the link on the Queens Guard website. 48hrs every few days.
    Smart as carrots too!!!! Spartans all of them!
  7. Female on public duties, outside buck house. Ohh someones going to lose their bollocks over that.

    Thought the silent agreement was for her to stay away from the big house. Bet the guards are looking for the top powder puff to chew him a new arrse.
  8. Do the AAC wear powder puff Bearskins :?

    Imagine, a Troop of Marge Simpsons on parade :D


    I’ll get my coat :oops:
  9. Saw them this morning. They brush up very well. AAC warrant officer was the smartest man on parade.

    Well done all!
  10. Thanks, Cnut! That's another TV prog I'll never be able to watch again without thinking Middle Wallop!

    I believe the reason Teeny Weeny Airways has got 3 weeks in May as the palace want a cull of pigeons - Budgies weren't up to it so they thought Shi'tehawks would do..... :roll:

    Is that my coat besides CAARPS :wink:
  11. Am currently serving in London doing the guard. We are good. Better than the guards so come and see me escorting the guidon any time you want. I'm the specky one.
  12. 2..3..Up..2..3..Down..2..3..Up..2..3..Down..2..3..About..2..3..In..2..3..Left/Right/Left!

    Piece of pi$$.
  13. Fearsome,

    Spartans all of them!!
  14. Fred,

    WTF are you on? You couldnt even eat a pie without sweating!!!! Or, P155ing your pants! :D

  15. Oh goodie, were you one of the pillocks who failed to spot the Co of Lifeguards riding by, while you lot were monging about, hands in pockets, failing to salute etc etc. How you never noticed him I'll never know, fella has more bling than anyone else, plus all the gold and silver tinsle he wears sort of points to him being VIP.

    You'll be pleased to know nice inflamed letter of complaint winging it's way to your boss.

    Thought it quite funny, his description of powder puffs failing to meet the standards.

    Well, at least your not falling over like my lot did when we had to play guardsmen.