Public Duties

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by taffridge, Nov 28, 2006.

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  1. Anyone been volunteered for this next year? Lots of drill but the nights out will make up 4 the stagging on.
  2. Nice philosophy, I shall be there to watch you look a 'coont' as you faint on parade!
    Don't let the side down, please!
  3. Dont worry will save it 4 off duty nights, anyway I dont like hangovers.
    The prices in London ensure that not too much beverage will be quaffed. It brings a whole new meaning to "liquidising your assets."
  4. Lucky for you, you wont be flying to the parade,

    so you wont be able to leave your bayonet on the lynx like you did at wallop in '97

    Good Work Fella!
  5. Dagnammitt! Busted.

    Wont be doin that again. I'm still claiming sabotage on that one, and it was only on the rehersal.

    Please dont bring up anymore of my vortex moments, there are quite a few.