public duties???

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by comrade-max, Oct 16, 2006.

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  1. ive bin reading about the FAS in regards to the guards and it says 2 regiments are to be declared public duties only. i find this really annoying as they are some of the proudest inf regiments in t'army, i really do think that the guards should be rotated still cause they deserve some more battle honours
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  8. Public Duties should be done by them Guards tick tock units only. Nobody else in their right mind would ever want to do them - fkn bullsh!t.

  9. Wobbling on the fence there aren't we?

    My Bn did it for six weeks and that was enough. It was quite good fun, but would have got very tedious for any more time!!
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  11. Thats what people join these silly Guards unit for isn't it, to do public duties. Leave public duties to the Guards and soldiering to the rest of the Inf.
  12. Cracking balanced comment as usual from the ex- Army BT. What have you got against the Guards? Did one sh@g your missis?
  13. Yeah, and I got it on video just to remind me how useless he was. :D

    BT :lol: