Public Duties: dealing with tourists

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by renamed_user, Mar 4, 2013.

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  1. Found myself discussing with a couple of fellow ex military types (RE and R Anglians) the other night and the subject came up about You tube videos of "Changing of the guard", there are several videos of tourists going right up to the individual Guardsmen and basically taking the piss. We were wondering exactly how far can the Guards go to fend off the really pushy "in your face tourist" without resorting to sticking the bayonet in etc.
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  2. Twat
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  3. Every day's a school-day.
  4. Chipfat, bugger off for christ sake ~ you're boring the hell out of all of us now. Got on and finish your homework theres a good boy.
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  5. I think the best way of removing annoying tourists from the area one is guarding would be to point in the opposite direction and say Dunkin Donuts and McDonalds are giving out free food. "Go, be quick!"
  6. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    Only oldies will recognise the temptress ..

    Woman in the background: 'Shameless 'ussy!'

    Older woman next to her: 'I wish mine still stuck out like that.'

    Little boy: 'If 'e pricks her with 'is bayonet, will it go pop?'
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  7. Why are you still here? I was hoping the sniper got you.
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  8. The videos below it are saying RIP? Is the chap in it dead?
  9. Yea cheers for that you belter. Tell that to the bloke who tried to take a shot at the queen a few years back. Or all the Guardsmen who have been killed on ops. That must have just been PR too. Go stick your face in a wood chipper you cock.

    To the OP, I've known plenty of guys who've butt stroked tourists who have gotten in their face or took the piss. Tourists get jabbed quite regularly. That's usually as far as it will go before the plod step in and haul them away.
  10. When you've actually done a Queens Guard then perhaps you can tell us!

    Have you completed training yet?

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  11. Ava Gardner? Dunno Seaweed, I give up, give us a clue.
  12. I always found when doing PD's that a good swift kick, purely accidental of course, with treble tapped boots did the trick, failing that we did have the S*R and it was always handy to swing the butt out and accidently catch them with it
  13. Or a good friend of mine that pulled the twat with the starting pistol over the fence and only the police stopped him from drilling him with his bayonet
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  14. I believe it is.