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Public displays of affection...

This one is for the gays, in particular the lesbians...
I don't have any issues with homosexuals and lesbians in the Army... What I understood though, was that although homosexual and lesbian relationships were accepted, that PDAs were not permitted.  I don't consider myself to be old-fashioned but it sometimes seems that the girls are totally taking the p*ss.  Okay, they don't do it in uniform but the sight of two girls almost s*agging each other on the dance floor at some do makes me uncomfortable.... As a senior rank, should I go across, interrupt them and tell them to stop?  Should I put my civvie head on and tolerate it because a heterosexual couple is doing the same 10 feet away.................... Difficult situation and one day it might be two guys doing the same.....  I can think of a few possible outcomes here......  Anyone have any thoughts on how to best deal with this?


Take Photies and publish the on a 'Specialist' Web Site??Sell tickets?? Invite your mates??Hello Mate ;D


Difficult one.
Sexuality is of the bearers choice, and I think in this day and age-the arguement of essentially EO (hetro's do it in public, why can't lezzers?), we may just have to accept it!!  Although the majoriy far outweighs the minority in the case of people disagreeing with it at the moment, but only time will tell. You know how fluffy the Army is becoming these days.
You think its bad enough watching lesbians snogging each other,just wait for the time to come when you will witness two lads giving each other some in front of you at some do!!! then you'll definately have something to say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;D
Yes and i agree it's not ok,its gross.I mean they have a right to do what they want and who with ,i just think that they will not do themselves any favours as the most anti gay place to be is the Army, and will probably result in one or both of them being beaten up,which isn't a fair thing really. The thing i want to know is what happens if 2 lads were gay and shared the same room and got it on with each other, would that mean they would get into trouble as its not right for males and females who are in relationships together to sleep in the same room,will the gays be seperated?? or will a blind eye be turned to it all???
Gentlemen.   Lets not pretend that we as soldiers have not known lesbians in our careers. SNCO or no.  we tolerated it before.  so what has changed.   The army has legalised it.  and?.  We put up with it.  And thought it quite funny.    New Model Army gentlemen and ladys, gotta put up with politics

I'm not necessarily talking rug munching bean flickers, I'm talking all of them.  Let's face it, speaking as an infanteer it's the same reason we don't let women in.  Combat effectiveness.  Women alter group dynamics (it's nothing to do with fitness, ability to soldier, intelligence).  Just imagine the first time Dale admits to rodgering Gervaise (I'm quite sure it's a beautiful relationship), and both of them are in the same platoon.  What effect would that have?  Argue against that one pinkoes.  The less comfortable they feel about bringing it into the public eye, the better.  We all know that it's gone on for years, some of the greatest commanders ever have been gay, Alexander the Great didn't do all that bad for a bloke-pumper.  I'm sure most people agree, noone has a problem with homosexuality as long as it's underground.  It's not to be promoted, and a blind eye should not be turned.

Come on then, lambast the homophobic dinosaur!
Everyone knows that the rules are a joke. The rules are designed to cover the govt's ar** without a thought for the people on the ground who have to implement them. Let them do what they want but keep it private is about as far as you can go with out the worry of stopping your career on the grounds that you are homophobic.

But there is always going to be some small group who insist that if it's okay for that married couple or boyfriend to hold hands/kiss in public then it's okay for them. The fact that it may make others uncomfortable or put certain ranks in an akward position won't matter as long as they can exercise their rights.

Worst case... a mixture of same sex affection, alcohol and the usual army pi** taking.... once the fight is over regardless of who won, it won't be the homosexuals who are jailed/charged/bust/kicked out.

Let's face it, you've always been alowed to invite your mates to your room and now you are allowed to invite friends of the opposite sex, so nobody has an excuse not to keep it private.


I have not yet (knowingly) met a hom, but they will probably do well in the army, by sucking their way to the worked for the hookers.
That would of course be yet another example of 'positive discrimination'. I know the army isn't supposed to be a democratic organization, but I don't see why the minorities should get the advantages.  ;)
Ummmm, but are gays and lebians a minority,there seem to be more and more of them these days and its been common knowledge of lebians in regiments for years now,and nothing has ever been said about that.I am not saying that its right or wrong,but now gays are allowed in the forces there seems to be a big issue all of a sudden  :eek:
Lesbians have always had a better press than gay men and that's not really surprising as most men would like lesbian sex as a spectator sport.

I've never (knowingly) met any gay man in the forces but I have seen plenty wearing dresses to functions ???
Ive known a couple of gay men in the army and they were nice chaps,it didnt bother me that they were gay, as long as i didnt have to witness them kissing someone else!!!!! and no they obviously didnt admit to being openly gay either :eek:

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