Pubic Lice?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by discodan, Mar 27, 2007.

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  1. Now I was wondering (as you do) if you got enough pubic lice and boiled them and bashed them into a paste would they taste like crab?, I mean a handfull of boiled woodlice taste like prawn and yes I have tasted the woodlice.
  2. Hmmmm.......

    I think not, but its put me off of Rice.
  3. ha ha ha pubic rice
  4. Hmmm, Disco, have we hit on a new product!
  5. think we have my friend lol
  6. Could flog it to Indian Restaurants across the UK. Although by the taste of some of it, i'd imagine its already been done.
  7. ha ha ha ha yeah :D
  8. Those inscrutable chinese types have beaten you to it. My local take-away run by Wot Yu Won has been selling egg flied lice for years.

    Incidentally the takeaway ,may come up for sale. Wot Yu Won's wife, Wot Yu Get has been caught having her back doors kicked in by Won Hung Lo the cantonese gigolo.

    Won Hung Lo's days are numbered, not only has Wot Yu Won paid triad hatchet men to cut his tackle off, but Ray Ling the kowloon fence gets out of nick this week. Ray Lings wife May Ling, the post mistress, was seen with Won Hung Lo's package, through her back door.

    Call me a Rickshaw please!
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  9. :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: Thank you for that........ :thumleft:
  10. Anytime!

    Incidentally "crabs" are called "Sack Ratten" in German slang. A useful word for putting off pushy German slappers (As if!)

    Does anyone know any other international terms, for our basement tenants?
  11. Certainly Sir,'re a rickshaw!

    "This is Chinese Takeaway, I am Wan King , the manager."

    "Okay, I'll call back when you're not so busy."
  12. I had a really lovely picture of one but can't seem to upload it.
  13. they'd probably taste a bit like chicken.....
  14. allow's a close up and quite creepy.......

    the second is it's more appealing friend.... :wink:

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