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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by gunnerfalkey, Mar 1, 2009.

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  1. Hi there guys, met up with a mate in the pub the other day, could hardly recognise him!!! Dessie boots, barbour jacket and the most outrageous sideys that curled at the bottoms. This "unconventional" appearance made me enquire as to if he was still serving queen and country. He said he was and after a bit of chit chat he told me he was based at "the big H" in "637 squadron UKSF administration troop". He is AGC apparently but "para qualified".

    My question to you, is he telling the truth? Or is there something odd here?

    Last time i had checked he was in the RAMC...... and i've certainly never heard of "637 UKSF admin troop".

    If this breaches OPSEC please delete.


  2. A bit of walting me thinks
  3. Outing a Walt never breaches OPSEC.
  4. better than the big C..............
  5. He's RAMC saying he might be something else isn't walting it's modesty. ;)

  6. But he told me he was AGC attached to UKSF!

    Surely being AGC is never ally, even though he might be filling out Henno's paperwork

    Why aspire to be AGC when your a member of the RAMC.

    It might say something about the corps..... ;)

  7. :x

  8. Oh dear.....

    When did it all go wrong.... but why? Even if he's ex forces.... why?