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I went to the Yew Tree Inn at Arlington,near Lewes on Sunday.Anyone else been?
I ask because the two people behind the bar have now been placed on top of my 10 Most Miserable Gits Board.He had the most monotonous voice and couldn't crack a smile.She was just the same.
The place was very busy with drinkers and diners,so I don't see it was lack of business gettting them down.The only highlight was the young girl bringing the food out.Very tidy.
The Goose in Aldershot :
Not bad if you're with a bunch of mates. The Kaleidoscope style carpet just makes me want to chuck up looking at it. Bar people are friendly enough. Quite a lot of old men drink in there during the day(mostly ex army i think) and like everywhere else in the shot you'll be hard pressed to find a decent looking woman, though they do eventually come if you persevere.
We got that in a pub on the seafront in Folkstone last week,The Harbour. Hardly any beer on & after asking for a pint of bitter to be told "It's off" & asking for a cider "It's off" it was then a Guiness or pish water lager,even the fridges were half empty of beer!!!
The barmaid was quite tasty but it was obvious she did'nt want to be there!
Guess that's why the freehold was up for sale.
The Osborne View, Hill Head, Hampshire. Hall and Woodhouse beer, locally sourced food, very busy, bit slack on speed at times, but on the whole, fairly good. Garden on the waterfront, reached by going through the pub. Dog friendly as well.
This review is about 20 years out of date.

The best pub I have ever drunk in was the Odd One Out in Colchester. Just down the road from Meeanee Barracks. All sorts drank in there, bikers, intellectuals, young, old. The landlord was ex RMP (and a brilliant chap) - didn't tolerate swearing or other sorts of disrespectful behaviour. Brilliant beer. Usually a proper scrumpy on draft. Bridge in the back room all day Saturday. Music from a couple of car stereo speakers nailed up in the corner of the bar. Totally friendly place. Everyone welcome as long as they were tolerant and polite.

I went in there 9 years after I had been posted away from Colchester and it was like I'd not been away.

Just a brilliant place, and fantastic beer.

But as I say ... I've not been in for about 20 years. Don't even know if it still exists.

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