Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by kjhblue, Mar 9, 2010.

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  1. Recently I came second in the local Pub Quiz. The Question I got wrong was:

    "Where Do Women Have Most Curly Hair"

    The correct answer apparently is "AFRICA"

    Keep Smiling

  2. I am not sure there was anything to get other than I got the wrong answer! I just thought I would mention it.

    My other post THE SHOES DID IT FOR ME may be more to your liking however you have to go through the complete click on process to Really, Really Get it.

    Oh! Have a nice day.
    Keep Smiling
  3. "Where Do Women Have Most Curly Hair"
    Shouldn't it be Where do most women have curly hair?
    I don't get it either
  4. That's why you don't get it ;)
  5. Heard on Family Fortunes; Name a dangerous race ?

    Contestant: Arabs

    ehhhh - ehhhh
  6. On the Hole I think :p
  7. Am I drunk? Or is this making no sense to anyone.
  8. Suddenlly all is clear.

  9. i would of said pubic hair personally, its alright mate i understood it. shame about the majority of the population of arrse. :D
  10. Futurebootie, did it really take you 7 minutes to get that?
  11. Its hardly a majority is it! Techgerman!
  12. Not having what you would term a spectacular week tbh :oops:
  13. I stand corrected :oops: , ok its not the majority just the page.

    hey bootie they don't call me flash for nothing. :lol:
  14. they dont call you Flash at all, your name is Techgerman from where i am standing.
  15. Fair one warrior8234mkIIIA2, have you been stalking me? i've schecked the cupboards and i only see folders where are you hiding you goat herder? :D