Pub quiz Team Names

I'm attending a Pub Quiz on Wednesday and am getting fed up of using the same 'funny' team names:

Quiz Team Aguilera
Norfolk 'n' Chance
Stephen Hawkin's Football Boots
My Wife Can't Wrestle, but you should see her box

and so on...

Now, bereft of ideas, I turn to the only people I feel can help me: arrsers what is the funniest, cleverest or, failing that, most offensive team name you can come up with?
The T-shirt under the bed when you cant find the tissues after a w**k.

We won a crate of beer for that one. :D
Very old one: The Cunning Stunts. I also seem to remember reading about some volleyball club in California called Titty Clitty Gang Bang, and there used to a bunch of girlie skydivers known as Dumb Blondes in Action.
I have no imagination at all so usually go for universally challenged when I can't think of anything.

The pub I live in gives a prize for best team names associated with current affairs. When tesco was caught using child labour in sweat shops the other week our team name was 'every little helper helps'. Sadly we didn't win as another team had come up with the same one.
The Bastards
At one stage (years ago) "How Many E's Are There in Leah Betts?"
Usually there's a few of us, so it helps when replying:

On sheet: "Kitkat she wanted..."

When read out, team shout back "...four fingers she got"

Sheet "Rotary cooking equipment..."

Read "..spitroast she got"

Sheet "German mining equipment..."

Read "..Mine Shaft she got"

Have more if you need them :)
"Would You Like A Bottle of Wine?"

When called out, immediate response is, of course, "yes please". It actually worked as well!

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