Pub in Gibraltar thats in the back of a pie shop. POs Mess.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by BuggerAll, Aug 3, 2009.

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  1. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Any one know the name of the little bar in Gib that is in the back of a pie shop and is decorated like a PO's Mess. I think they bought most of the PO's mess from the Hospital when it closed.

    I'm not sure of the location but I think its near the bottom of Richardson's Passage.
  2. 'Bottom'...'Passage'...snigger
  3. No but try The Ship on the new marina its owned and run by one of my old mates.
  4. Not as embarrassing as "Wellcombe Bottom" we did a clearance task in, it is north of Brighton of all places! took a while to live that one down back at the Regiment :roll:
  5. It's a pastie shop, not a pie shop and it's called the "Pastie Bar". Can't remember the name of the street but it's on the corner right at the end.
  6. Jolly Jack used to drink in bar called The Hole in the Wall - the walls and bar were apparently decorated with underpants. That was up a smelly back alley.
  7. Is "Charlie" from the hole 'i wall still alive?