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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by General_Layabout, Oct 23, 2009.

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  1. We have a pub in Birmingham that doesn't sell food but you are welcome to bring your own and use their plates, cutlery and condiments.

    You get usual packed sandwiches, pork pie etc. and some people even phone in takeaways.

    Is this unique or does anyone know of another similar pub somewhere in the country?
  2. Perhaps it's that unique experience of sharing your dinner with complete strangers or tossers on their mobiles that appeals, whilst walking across the glass strewn sticky carpet on the way to the obligitory stinky piss drenched bogs whilst trying to dodge the drunk/stonned/nasty bully/talkative nutter at the cubicles, which have to be used because the traps have been smashed up in the previous nights drug fewd over who had occupancy rights over the coke cutting bar (cistern), then having to re-think the mortgage rates evertime you are asked to pay for the watery piss that is passed off as lager from the overweight kebab-eating divorcee who feels it's OK to chat up every bloke who comes to the bar without spouse in a way that makes the average street-walker in East London cringe at over-the-top sexual innuendo?

    It's a close call.
  3. There's one in Thetford that has an arrangement with all the local takeaways, they phone and order your food for you and have it delivered to the pub!! Genius!!
  4. :clap:
  5. Nah they can't get it through the door, I just order Nepalese and they send a team of sherpas to carry it :D
  6. Own food? Check.
    Own beer? Check.
    Own music? Check
    Own karoke? Check
    Own drunk bezzer? "I love you man" Check
    Own vomit in the back of your Mum's Mini Metro? Check.
  7. What pubs this then?
  8. The Thetford one? I think it was called the Old Bell, top of Castle St opposite 'the hump'
  9. We got a couple in ipswich. We have a real ale pub that does this with the local indian. Its very good food to.
  10. No I meant the one in Birmingham the OP mentioned.
  11. No Smoking = No Pub.A pint and a fag just about made the ancillary idiots bearable.No wonder they're closing down.
  12. Mmmm... Oi've 'erd 'bout 'Hipswich, have you got a big extended family?

    So you have a pub that sells Real Beer, Nice :wink:

    and you only have the one Indian, do they not have a family?

    Do they share their wigwam with anyone else?
  13. Look you leave us alone or we release the 70 stone man on you !!!!!!!
  14. The Wellington on Bennetts Hill about 100yds further up from Weatherspoons Briar Rose.

    Click on beer board and you get real time list of beers available.

    16 ales on hand pull, no TV, no music, just like pubs should be.

    Nothing like Fat_Cav's impression.
  15. The King of Wessex Basingstoke, ordered chips n curry and had it on the bar in the paper, they never offered plate or irons.