Pub Grub? I laugh in your faces.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by The_Snail, Oct 25, 2009.

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  1. Rancho. South American Steak House and Lounge Bar. Southampton.

    Fucking quality.

    I ate twice my body weight. Starters were ribs and tiger prawns (Maka was not impressed with my "Fingerbob" impression because the lickle baby prawns still had eyes and whiskers).

    Main meal -mixed grill. I swear to God (who is now the chef there) that the Chorizo sausage was made by angels. The garlic chicken melted, and the steaks (yes plural) were inhaled.

    Absolutely brilliant scoff. The staff were ace, and we had bets on how much it would cost.

    He guessed £95, I guessed £85, it came to £64 including a bottle of very nice Merlot. I am well impressed and would make the effort to go again.

    The owner has an ARRSE lapel badge (generously donated by me), and the link to here, and apparently if you mention the name "Dale" you will get a discount, not that you need it.

    Seriously, it's a really nice place, and has my recommendation.

    Please move this to somewhere else if I've shoved it in the wrong place.

    Slugster xxx
  2. I don't suppose they do vegan scoff, do they? :D :D :D

  3. Its right off putting, having two prawn head having a conversiation, especailly when there both dead!

    But a quality meal, nicely surprised.
  4. Not only are you a cunt, you're a veggie.

    The case rests me'lud.
  5. I take it that you are a bit of a blobster ?
  6. I'm fucking massive me.

    Sainty "The King of Spag Bol" has moved it to Fat Lasses Need Loving Too.

    Move along now, nothing to see.