Combining drinking, exercise and natty dress sense, this appears to be the perfect sport.

Any questions?? :?:
For us unenlightened types, would you mind posting the rules. or at least a set of guidelines.

Myself, I enjoy "Alcoholic Bowling"

A normal game of bowling (10pin) except everyone has at least one drink (they tend to vanish fast). On scoring a strike the bowler can nominate another player to drink a half of thier drink, on scoring a spare the bowler can nominate another player to drink a 1/4 of their drink

(amounts could be adjusted upwards, but it would significantly shorten most games)

If there are any pins left standing after 2 balls bowler must consume an equal number of fingers of drink.

8) 8)
1) Choose a route. Involves either 9 or 18 "holes" i.e. Pubs. Need to be, ideally, downhill as you tend to stagger, especially if you are play a full 18 holes. Pre recce the course for suitable drinks, friendliness of the staff and location of toilets etc.

2) The card. Once the route has been decided, then you can complete "the card. " The card needs to have the names of the holes (i.e. Pub name); the "club" to be used for each hole (i.e. the drink); the par of each hole (i.e. what is the ideal number of swigs before you have finished your drinks) and a space for the score. For example:

1. The Rose and Crown. Snake bite and black. Par 3. Score ____
2. Jacob's Ladder. Gin and Tonic. Par 2. Score ___

3) The Team. The minimum you need is two - to check each other. However, better played with more than two - two teams of three working together is best. All must have copies of the score card.

4) The game. Start at the first hole and go in; order the drinks; drink the drinks,; mark the score and move on. Aim of the game is to get as low a score as possible. Opponents cards are checked by other team.

5) Should there be a tie at the end, then the best method of sorting out the winner is a put off. Glass on the floor, use putter to pot a golf ball from 5m.

6) Dress. Obviously, any order of dress, but golfing attire - plus fours, golf gloves, Pringle jumpers, golfing hat/visor, golf putter/golf clubs (not advisable for Saturday night in rough part of town) and golf balls.

Is great fun and you get minging.

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