Pub goers tested for drugs on entry Aberdeen

While I don't neccesary condone drug taking this is taking it all a bit far

who's protecting who from who and why?

Lets be honest you are more likely to be fcuked over by someone on copious quantities of fighting lager than spliffed/pilled/smacked up

I'd hope that pub goers would vote with their feet


Cause/suspicion etc

Thoughts please
Excellent idea. Will reduce the incidence of both the tossers who buy the drugs and the tossers who sell them, thereby freeing up space for those who want to get drunk. Mind you, public conveniences and alleyways should see a consequent surge in activity.
I don't and will never take any form of Drugs apart from 20 Embassy a day, and as much vodka as my body can hold! But......

If I was going out for a night and touched say a door handle, that was touched before by say a local drug dealer, would mean that traces of drugs would then pass onto my hands? Next get to a club, and the machine says NO.

They refuse me entry, and possibly I get a Police record to boot?

Now what is to stop the local dealers, getting someone else to handle the goods, place them in his / her pocket, and this way they gain entry?

Once again, I think its all gone too far!
Big brother is getting out of hand, I read this on the Net this morning and the quote was that " No-one had refused the test" Presumbaly because they had nothing to be guilty of and good for them. I for one being Forces and having no involvement in drugs would have told them where to go purley out of principle. I wonder what would have happened if you did refuse? Rubber Gloves in a quiet cell at the Station I presume.

Guilty before being proven innocent, get more like Forces justice!!
I've got no problem with cops testing me but door apes can fcuk off as they're the ones who are usually dealing (they are where I live). They've been testing people and searching them in one pre-club bar that has a bit of a reputation (but is constantly jammed) and I think it's a good thing as the place in general has gone from being shockingly bad to actually a fairly decent place now (stand fast the bouncers).

I'll agree with thegimp though-every single time I go out, I see someone kicking off when they're pissed. This leads onto the question of what causes more damage-drugs or alcohol? A lot of the local clubs are now doing £10 in, all drink free on Friday nights-hardly what I'd call an encouragement to drink responsibly. BTW, I've never taken drugs and don't intend to.
I watched a programme on addiction last week and one recovering Heroin addicts quote was very profound " If Alcohol had been discovered today it would be illegal"

Totally agree although sometimes it isn't the alcohol or the drugs.. Some people are just born Cnuts and use them as and excuse to kick off!
They've been doing this in pubs in Aldershot for a while, I was watching how it worked and they were taking sweat samples and wiping them into the machine and depending on what you'd been taking a different colour showed up.
The druggies were then marched off to a cop van for a ticking off, I don't think any arrests were made but just a warning to say 'we're onto you'.
One blokes missus tested positive for Heroin and he said he had no idea she was on it!!
Its not about the drugs its about the big brother aspect of it, like the DNA sampling, passports for mobiles,

When they start doing liver function tests and telling you you cant drink, or stop you smoking........wait a minute

Don't worry it'll all be on electronic systems before long in the hands of feckless civil serpents, like all your medical records on a central system

what is the legal position on this anyhoo
Aberdeen is about the only town i've visited where drug taking should be compulsary, a more depressing, cold and miserable place couldn't exist, well outside of Wales i mean.
It's got to be better than the police letting their dog jump up you fcuking up your new clothes while you are waiting to go into a club and putting you in a foul mood for the rest of the night.

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