Pub argument requires settlement by informed PTI



Big argy-bargy in the pub last night.

What were the physical tests that you had to pass at the Army Personnel Selection Centre in Sutton Coldfield. I'm talking about the mid-eighties here. I reckon it was:

Standing Jump (18 inches)
Three underarm pull ups
Seven sit ups on an inclined bench
Standard BFT

My mate reckons there were press ups and squat thrusts as well.

Whose right??



Now you mention it, that sounds right. I remember the potential Para Reg recruits getting fcuked around a bit more than everyone else.
10 fcuking chin ups though artic, that sounds a bit much. I do chin ups most days in me garage now, and I can still only do eleven good 'uns. I can remember some blokes struggling on three!!!!
You lot had it easy...............................

When I was at Sutton Coldfield in the 'early 80's' we had to make our own way on foot from all over t' UK, and as soon as we got there we had to do a BFT in under 8 minutes wearing us respirators and CEMO carrying Charlie G, then a swim test wearing a full body armour (wi' two extra plates in), and ammo boots.
And all this whilst we were taking t' academic tests and if we got ONE question wrong we ALL had to go round again.  
When we had finished we licked gym clean wi' us tongues AND paid for the privilage. And this was just to get into RAPC or ACC!!!
But tell that to recruits of today and they won't believe you ;D ;D ;D ;D  
That's nothin, when I was a lad,

At SC they made us leopard crawl to the teststing centre from yer 'ouse, wearing nothin but a KF shirt, ammo boots and a respirator!!!! Then we 'ad te sleep outside we all the stars and like and the test were done wi NBC suit on, full SAS Bergan (55Ibs), Ammo boots wi out laces and KF shirt!!!!!!! :-/