PTTLS/CTTLS/DTTLS Qualification transfer to Aus equiv?

Discussion in 'Australia' started by PapaGolf, May 24, 2013.

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  1. My lateral transfer is on hold for now but my missus would like to know if anyone has successfully transfered their PTTLS/CTTLS/DTTLS quals onto the Australian education equivalent. Cheers
  2. Any takers?
  3. As you are planning to migrate on a lateral transfer, your wife will not need to go through the qualifications assessment part of migration. Most migrants get the UK qualifications accredited as part of their visa application, but this standard accreditation route through the Department of Immigration therefore does not work for you. So she is in the same boat as I was; I came on a Partner Visa, so didn't need to go through the process.

    To get her qualifications formally levelled against Aussie ones, you need to contact the Australian Education International on It costs (it cost me $400 to get a Level 7 NVQ levelled) and takes about 3 months. They have probably already done DETTLS; it might be quicker.

    Generally, the Aussies recognise UK Diploma level qualifications and above, under the 2002 Lisbon accord which governs global qualification equivalence. In terms of what qualifications are needed to teach, each State does it differently; education is State, not Federal business. My understanding is that you do not need a formal education qualification to teach in TAFEs (further education colleges) in NSW, but I am not in the sector so can't give you chapter and verse. You would need to contact the education department to where you are migrating direct......don't expect a snappy reply; the Aussie public sector is not the most efficient!
  4. Great stuff, gives us plenty to go on with. Many thanks for this