Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by WigansBrianPotter, Oct 8, 2007.

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  1. Hello I hope you dont mind a civi posting but i have being engaged in an arguement with a so called ex squaddie who claims in my local towns forum site that PTSD is none existant it is made up by people who are weak willed as he puts it. I found your site after a bit of searching. The reason i ask about PTSD is that i have just been diagnosed with complex PTSD following a terrorist attack and more recently a motorbike accident which was due to a silly little 17 yr old girl who just passed her driving test the day before she knocked me off my motorbike leaving me with more sever disabilities than i suffered in the bomb attack 11 years ago. I just want the opinion of all those in the forces who have dealt with PTSD do the army see it as a real illness or an excuse or as this clown puts it a cop out.

    I sincerely hope i have not offended any1
  2. BANG!!!!!!

    sorry i'll get my coat. I think the army do recognise that this condition exists. You could try looking for Combat Stress on the www and I'm sure there are a few people on here who could point you in the right direction of help if you need it.

    Your 'mate' sounds like a twat if he honestly thinks it's just those who are weak willed and I doubt he is speaking from a position of authority so tell the walt to Foxtrot Oscar

    Sorry to hear about your accident and getting blown up. Can you let me know if you are going to be around Dorset so I can be 'out'.
  3. cheers mate much appreciated and thanks for taking the time to reply im just reading my local forum the fool is still sprouting his biggoted crap out. oh yeah wont be down dorset way just yet but will be next year lol
  4. Shove this up your so called ex squddies ARRse.

    The Need for Combat Stress in
    today's world
    Since the end of World War 2, the vast majority of the British People have known nothing but peace. But it's been a very different story for the men and women of our armed forces. Time and again, they have been in the front line defending Britain's interests. In Brunei, Borneo, Indonesia, Malaya, the Falklands and the Gulf. More recently, they have played a central peace keeping role in the Balkans, Cambodia, Sierra Leone, Afghanistan and elsewhere. And closer to home, many thousands have been involved during the thirty year long campaign in Northern Ireland, an operation that has perhaps been the most difficult and dangerous of all.

    Each of these conflicts, without exception, has resulted in psychiatric casualties. And for many who are affected, the problems may take years, perhaps decades to surface.

    The Ex-Services Mental Welfare Society, Combat Stress, exists to serve these men and women. For over 80 years, we have been the only services charity specialising in helping those of all ranks from the Armed Forces and the Merchant Navy suffering from psychological disability as a result of their service.

    Through our national network of welfare officers, we visit veterans at home in order to establish how best we can improve their quality of life.

    Through our three treatment centres, we provide rehabilitative treatment which aims to help the victim cope with his or her disabilities and to enjoy a better quality of life.

    In over 80 years of operation, the Society has provided some 75,000 veterans of the two World Wars and the many conflicts since with a unique lifeline. Currently, the Society takes about 700 veterans onto its books each year, the youngest in their early twenties, the oldest in their nineties. There are people in receipt of help who between them represent service in every campaign which the British Armed services has been engaged from the start of World War 2 to the present day.
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  5. [quote...Shove this up your so called ex squddies ARRse.[/quote]

    Agreed! Hope you get the help you are looking for, sadly it can also be hard to come by even if you are in the military. :evil:
  6. Wigan

    Post the web address that he's spouting on and we'll do a bit of walt baiting!!!
  7. can i post links on here? the forum has jst been locked by a moderator but the fool is starting off in another thread
  8. yeah you can post links
  9. Please post where this moron is posting. I'm ex army and have ptsd, so i'd like to take issue with him.
  10. this is the website its under the section communicate then general it has my original posting ptsd now with apadlock on it then above it says why the ex squaddie is called optimus im on it as wiganer516 i dont mind u mentioning me
  11. oldbaldy

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  12. This was posted as a personal experience by Optimus here:

    fee fi fo fum I smell the arrse of a walty bum!!!
  13. seems i have been banned off the site i can no longer post
  14. think optimus has also been disallowed to post
  15. Seems a bit harsh if you have mate. it looks as though your 'mate' has bottled posting or has been binned as well, For what it's worth he comes across as a walt.