Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by BoxOfFrogs, Feb 26, 2010.

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  1. I wasn't really sure where to write this.

    First off I'm a poster in another username.

    I'm a serving TA soldier and I think I'm suffering quite badly from PTSD , (I expet Reni or 5A to come in here any second and start ripping me :D ).

    As a result of a task I was doing on an a Herrick tour I did and saw nasty sh*t quite often, what's clearer everyday is it's made me go a bit wibble, I'm not givin examples because that would make me easy ta ping.

    I looked at contacting combat stress for a while, but when I finally plucked up the will to do it I noticed they don't treat serving soldiers, they want you to use the service health authourity (bear in mind I'm farkin stab and don't have access to such things).

    I want to do further tours, is my career endex?

    Who do I get help from, is there anyway to get help without the Army knowing?
  2. I think you should be able to go to your GP and ask to be referred to a service psych - they shouldn't involve your chain of command unless you're about to go doolally with an axe. I don't mean to make light of it (I have a bit of previous with this kind of thing) but if you want to "do further tours" then your condition can't be that bad.

    Then again I'm not a doctor. I'm sure some friendly medic or nurse will turn up shortly and give you some proper advice!

    Hope it all turns out well for you.
  3. BoF

    I have just PM'd you

  4. Bubbles ref it not being that bad and wanting to do further tours.

    I've always been a strong charactor so I can quite easily shake things off, and I hope to get better and serve the country again, but It's starting to get the better of me.

    I didn't ask for this, and I certainly didn't expect it, I'm not the self pittying type at all, and I'm not the "thousand yard stare" walt type either.
  5. BoF

    Sh*t happens but do not try and deal with it yourself, take it from one that knows.


  6. Get some help, its not worth f***king up the rest of your life just because you wont ask for help, do it now Mate
  7. I appreciate the advice, I know it's well intentioned but who do I go to?

    Combat stress wont have me as I'm still serving, and I think going to the NHS would show up if I wish to mobilise in the future.

    There's still things I want to do in the Army , I have goals still unacomplished and I could do with the money from another tour as I'm struggling because of the reccession.

    Most of the time I'm fine but I've had some very bad days.
  8. Go see your families GP
  9. No Offence to the NHS but they are as much use on this matter as a Chocolate Fire Guard.

    Even though you are serving I would still go to Combat Stress I do not believe they will turn you away

    Any way all the best Mucker.


  10. Hopefully you're getting PMs from the snake oil salesmen that ARRSE seems to attract.

    Anyway, I noticed you said you were going to contact Combat Stress, but didn't because of the Service Health Authority issue.

    Maybe you should contact them anyway? Maybe they can advise you on what to do, as you can't be the first STAB needing help for PTSD?

    Good luck and I hope you get sorted :)
  11. Trooper, visits to the GP show up on your NHS medical records, Chilwell have started requesting civvy as well as Army med docs.

    Any mention of PTSD, instant binning.

    I think it's a bit draconian as my problems at the moment are only depression (I can seem to smile much anymore) , interupted sleep (bad dreams) and panic attacks that leave me sweating (usually on public transport).

    I'm sure if I was around other squaddies ripping the pish out of each other and generally having a laugh it would sort me out, but I'm not, I'm stuck working from home and reading Arrse for a fix of like-minded humour. Arrse is a poor substitute of late though. This is why I reckon another tour might help.

    So I'm fooked really and I'm calling endex on this topic, but it does feel a bit better to finally say things I'd never tell my friends or family, even if it's anonymously over Arrse.
  12. I will try combat stress, anonymously and see what they say, thankyou.
  13. oldbaldy

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    Sent you a PM
  14. Like most have said, just go through the military medical system. They won't fcuk you off, they'll help rehabilitate and have you back on tour if thats what you want to do. Good luck.
  15. leethelooney, I can only assume you're serving or ex regular, it doesn't work like that in the TA mate.

    You go through demobilisation and have your medical check-up, I was held back a bit ( because I was, not very seriously, WIA and the problems only shown up on demob medical)

    After a couple of months..

    I then was demobbed and out of the regular Army after I passed the medical but as I am now "fixed" I am now an NHS/Charity problem and not the armys' problem.

    *Edited to make my wibbling make sense*