Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by Phoenix_Nine, Feb 11, 2010.

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  1. I am a clinical hypnotherapist with a good record in treating PTSD. I can kick start the process by offering free recorded sessions. My problem is that what I do is not accepted by the army welfare system which fails to take care of many personnel. So the direct approach has not worked. Any suggestions as to the best way of connecting. places to advertise etc?
    Thank you.
  2. Define a "good record".
  3. Good Record - 70% of PTSD clients regain full effectiveness in emotional and functional terms.
  4. And you gauge this how...?
  5. Well they no longer exhibit the symptoms of PTSD, they do however think they're a chicken.
  6. Bollox. No treatment is as efficacious as you claim.

    Stop peddling snake oil, and fuck off.
  7. Are you from Human Givens by any chance?
  8. The people who peddle CBT and EMDR are part of the problem and the reason for such poor success rates within the established system.
    They do defend their territory quite aggressively as you demonstrate.
  9. I'm a researcher, not a clinician. I'm also interested in Mindfulness (MBSR), which isn't CBT or EMDR. So your claim that I'm trying to "defend my territory" is invalid.

    What does annoy me, is people who come on here to prey on vulnerable people, and also provide them with false promises.

    Although of course, you'll now be able to prove me wrong by linking to at least one study that shows your method is 100% effective (meaning they are back at pre-trauma levels of functioning), for 70% of the people that use it - it doesn't even have to be an RCT, just something that has been published in a respected, peer reviewed journal.

    If you cannot do that, then you are peddling snake oil. And therefore telling you to ****-off is not overly aggressive, because you have the potential to cause harm; especially when you start posting on here at a time that mods are not likely to be around, but vulnerable people are.
  10. Yeah, what he said!! :D
  11. My figures are based on my work.
    I have tried to conduct research into the use of hypnotherapy as an effective treatment for trauma as part of a masters program but getting universities interested has not been possible.
    Attitudes like yours are common but very unhelpful particularly as you do not do any clinical work; but thank you for being honest I only came here to see if this was a way forward.
  12. I'm surprised that you think attitudes such as mine are unhelpful - basically, I just want evidence to support claims.

    And to illustrate why it is important to have scientific evidence to support a treatment - I remember one example paper (can find a reference if you want) where the staff of a care home were convinced that the aromatherapy they were giving to residents was helpful, and that the residents benefited from it.

    Yet when science was applied to the whole process, by studying it, the reality was that it was making the residents more distressed.

    Now I'm not saying that your treatment may be the same (and make matters worse), but getting peoples hopes up on an unproven treatment is certainly not helpful.

    Incidentally though, what measures do you have in place to protect people who experience an escalation of symptoms whilst listening to your CD?

    Obviously in a safe environment, with a clinician present, they'll be somebody who is trained to deescalate the situation (i.e. the clinician).

    How have you managed to put safeguards against this in your CD?