I have been on a bbc local programme to highlight the struggle to get diagnosed and get the right treatment ,after suffering for six years and getting to Combat Stress, i would appreciate any views or comments as i didnt want to come across as just whingeing and hope i got the right message across [ that this and previous governments dont want to know when you leave the army].
You can see it on bbc iplayer south west inside out, i and my family are in the last 15 mins.edited to add it was on wed the 25th feb.


Firstly - you need a shave!

Secondly - good piece mate, not a whinge at all. PTSD is wildly misunderstood by people in t'army and by civvies too. A former colleague of mine went AWOL and ended up getting discharged after an early Op Telic... he got no sympathy, no help and left the army before his time which was unfortunate. Another colleague, a few years later, got help and is now back at work working alongside people who saw and experienced the same things and although it didn't affect them the same, they understood. Things are changing for the better, PTSD sufferers used to be dimissed as lazy bastards, to a certain extent that probably still happens, but it's becoming more and more recognised that not only can people who have a close call in the sandy places but also people who had a horrific job to do like yours might suffer from this. Looking at those two things, I'd take my chances in Helmand any day of the week.
That was a moving piece, I hope it done you good to be among others with the same issues.


I appreciate your honest comments, ive had good feedback from my local british legion who put the bbc in touch with me.
When i was first ill , i didnt know what was wrong with me , i thought i was going mad, and combat stress is a god send, going back in 4 to 6 months.
Sadly there will always be people swinging the lead but im sure there are but a few as they would soon be found out !
I would have shaved but when i am really bad i get psoriosis [dont know if thats the right spelling].
They also cut a lot of it out as i think as it was shown at 7.30 pm and was a little too graphic.
LINKY from 19:22 minutes.

Definitely not a whinge - as t_c says it can be difficult to get help, especially if you go through the NHS system.

Though things are getting better with regard to PTSD, however there is still much to be done.

Well done for highlighting this issue, and hope things work out.

BTW: Have you applied for War Pension/AFCS? If not do so soonest, SSAFA & RBL can help with the claim


Thanks for your time and comments !, i just this week got a 50% war pension [288 per month] which was chased up by my VA rep. i would however [perhaps in another forum ] suggest ways i have found to curb my aggression and anger by using martial arts !, i would be very interested if any one else has found this to have helped them them.
My wife is my life line , she has saved my life on numerous occasions [ie choking on my own vomit while asleep after "self medicating" too much.
and i think the families suffer just as much as we/i have.
Oh and ta to you rock ape i am a computer biff and dont know yet how to do linky things.
When I went to a PTSD group at the University Hospital of Wales they thought It was caused by being rearended in Tescos carpark, but not when I'd finished with them,


Rearended in Tescos ! hell i work for Morrissons and if any rearending is done , its in private!
I appreciate your responce, a lot of my collegues had no idea i was so ill until they saw it on telly, and it hopefuuly opened thier eyes a bit as i have had a lot of time off sick, i also didnt want sympathy, just help when i needed it which just isnt happening to myself and other sufferers, it seems to be another post code lottery in the help that is availiable.
Not to appear unsensitive towards what is a highly charged and very relevant topic, but do we really need four threads devoted to PTSD at the moment?


I would say that ptsd is a very personnal experience and comes with its little friends [mine is OCD, hyper vigilance and depression] and any treatment that we get or dont get is not uniform around the country and for me its interesting to hear what is happenning to other vets and how they are coping, they might not, as is not uncommon have a supportive family etc as i have.
Hi guys,

Forgive me crashing your space, but came across your posts while looking at ways to help PTSD sufferers.

I'm an EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner.

It looks weird and many people first wonder just how the hell can this freaky technique help them get better, but trust me 'cos it works!!

Take your time, do some research and see for yourself.
The originator Gary Craig, works with veterans at the VA in the USA and he's had cracking results with people who have suffered since Vietnam!!

See his work on YouTube >> Gary Craig treats PTSD using EFT

I'm based in Mid Wales and if there's anything I can do to help ex or current service personel, just give me a holler.
You guys deserve a break :cuddle:

Stay safe & be well :D

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Is there a working link to the tv show? the old one is saying no longer available?

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