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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jack-daniels, Mar 18, 2011.

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  1. Indeed, I think there is a thread on here somewhere..........
  2. Thought so, were they using the same Charity name can you remember?
  3. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

  4. I think they had SGT.Slingsby on their but was asked to remove him. Fibbers I seem to remember.
  5. Cheers Jim
  6. Isnt this the knob that rolled his Snatch and lost a leg in three different countries?

    Edited to add: Yup, just read Jim 24's post.

  7. Fortuitous that you should start this just when, on the linked thread
  8. Hmmm....these guys are new to to precis the previous thread BB? And, does anyone know what qualifications these 'therapists' have? And also their experience? I'd like to have some knowledge just in case one of my mates asks about them.

    Ah, I'll read all the above first....damn, slow typing ability!! :)
  9. MOD's.......feel free to amalgamate or bin this thread as I didn't realise there was one already going about him.
  10. Well guys he is offering.....but

    PTSD Worldwide • Login

    Shades of Jim Shortt here.

    I am Alec Webster, i am here, ask me what you want and i will do what i can to answer your questions but DO NOT expect me to give you full answers as no one and i mean NO ONE is allowed to know everything about me as it has been stated by the Royal British Legion and my solicitor. Any slanderious comments made will be monitored and removed and all posts will be checked by my solicitor proir to being posted on the forum.
  11. Qualifications - Apparently none.
    Experience - Only their life experience it seems (and they have embellished that in their publicity).
  12. Thanks Joe :)...pretty much what I guessed, but I like to know what people claim.
    That is some career he invented!