PTSD treatment in private UK clinic for free

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by benjaminfry, Sep 18, 2011.

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  1. Hi,

    [I'm not sure where this should go, so please move it if required]

    I am opening a private clinic next week in the UK for PTSD treatment based on the best existing model in the USA.

    If you know someone whose life has become unmanageable due to combat stress then I may be able to help. I need someone reliable, loyal and honest to keep an eye on the place and probably do a bit of local driving and some odd jobs. In return I can offer 3 months free residential treatment. They would need to be stable enough to live in a community and do a bit of basic work.

    I honestly believe that this is the best treatment available in the UK for psychological trauma. It saved my life and so I brought it to the UK. It has a solid history in the USA based on the work Peter Levine has done with veterans there. See this video, Somatic Experiencing©: A therapeutic approach to the needs of Iraq and Afghani Soldiers & Baby Jack

    If you know anyone who this might be right for, please ask them to have a look at Khiron House | Home and to get in touch. We'd like to help.

  2. Pile of shite so **** off you **** - be warned
  3. What are your quals?
  4. Bloody hell JD - that's you sitting on the fence again?
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  5. Does Claire White offer full body massages in the buff?
  6. Full body Smudger? That'll cost you....
  7. Spam!!! Lovely Spam!!!

  8. As far as I'm concerned "Somatic Experiencing ®" is just Snake Oil. As this is in CA, I won't say **** You.
  9. Sorry but it sounds to good to be f@cking true bollux to me, a sort of Alec Webster with a few bob ,So who funds all this wonderful free treatment ect, most of the civi Shrinks I've had the misfortune to meet are frigging useless as they have no Idea of the military
  10. benjaminfry - please be aware this site, specialises in outing-frauds, and we have come acrom many PTSD ones, so some are pretty twisted about the subject, if you are genuine then respect that camaraderie to protect abuses of the system, if you are not then God help your soul.

    Example -
  11. NICE missed out on this on it's trawl of evidence all over the world. Odd that.
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  12. After looking at his website I'll say f@cking rip off, might be alright for spendaholic *******, pathetic junkies, and TV fuckwits, but can't see anything for 2000 year old violent alcoholic PTSD sufferers
  13. Tropper I thought you created & defined PTSD ??
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