PTSD suicide delayed by USMC planning process

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Guns, Jul 21, 2013.

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  1. Guns

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    1. The Royal Navy

    Operations Officer With PTSD Still Planning Suicide After Five Years

    CAMP LEJEUNE, NC — Operations officer Maj. Greg Walsh has vivid memories of both Iraq and Afghanistan, having deployed with infantry battalions since he was a lieutenant. Haunted by memories of death at war and troubles at home, he decided to kill himself, becoming part of a tragic epidemic that has devastated the entire Department of Defense.

    However, that decision came five and a half years ago. Today, Walsh’s suicide remains stalled in the middle stages of the complicated and bureaucratic formal planning process that the Marine Corps taught him was essential for making important decisions in the high pressure environment of combat.

    Read more: Operations Officer With PTSD Still Planning Suicide After Five Years
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  2. Not much is said as to other modalities of treatment being afforded in the interim but I would hope the good doctor mentioned in the piece is not relying solely or even primarily on staff planning principles to keep this man alive.
  3. I may be wrong but somehow I don't think the article is entirely real...
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  4. I realized given the forum it was in and the larger tone of the piece that there was a tongue in cheek aspect but to the extent any of the approach is being used I stand by my comment.
  5. JJH , I think your spaghetti tree needs trimming back a bit.
  6. Dear Guns,
    You’re a mod (tugs forelock) so I guess you have good reason for starting a thread with an article that satirises/takes the piss out of PTSD.
    Fair play, it’s the NAAFI.
    However, please just confirm that you have been on hectic ops that have left you unscathed, as opposed to the members on here who have been on hectic ops and, much against their will, have been affected.
    Standing by, over.
  7. I think you need to contact the MOD urgently mate. You clearly handed in your sense of humour by mistake when you handed back your Martini-Henry. I appreciate that you may class Umboto Gorge as 'hectic ops' however those sharpened mangoes never got within 200 yards of our fair maiden's chasteness.
  8. Keep sharpening those dinosaur teeth, mate. Carborundum's always good.
    And do regale us with your tales of derring-do on hectic ops where you remained totally unscathed.
    Standing by, over.
  9. Your post makes me want to charge in to the military section of the Queen Elizabeth hospital shouting 'contact front' whilst tossing flashbangs at amputees.
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  10. Carry on MacDuff.
    Looking forward to seeing it on the news if you only had the guts to back up your bluster.
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  11. Bore off crocadillacunt.
  12. Reciprocally, cunt off dickhead.
    We're never going to see eye-to-eye, more's the pity.
    There are physical injuries, and then there are psychological injuries. Sometimes both.
    Deal with it.