PTSD, roguegunner having a mare

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by thegimp, May 10, 2008.

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  1. Roguegunner who knocks out a blog, looks like he's at the end of his tether. I don't blame him to be honest

    "I am extremely depressed after attending a medical for my War Pension, I receive a 50% War Pension for Deafness, IBS, and PTSD. A few weeks ago a received a phone call out of the blue telling me that I had to attend for a medical at my local DSS centre in Barrow-in-Furness"

    "The reason I have taken the time to Blog this is simply incase I do take my own life, I want the world to know how the MOD is driving veterans to suicide with this constant harassment"

    Not sure what help this is but I thought a few supportive messages on his blog wouldn't go a miss, even if he is from Cumbria
  2. I think that all veterans have had to go through the crap that the Veterans Agency deal out. As serving and ex serving soldiers we all look out for each other. Keep the strength rogue gunner. The Country is slowly getting the message that we are being mis handled.

  3. Would think the money from his book would keep him going in beer tokens

  4. Sensible contribution........ :roll:
  5. Well, best of luck to that bloke whoever he is. Has he got the SSAFA Line Number? (and will they answer?)

    From the UK (Main Line): 0800 731 4880
    From Germany: 0800 1827 395
    From Cyprus: 800 91065
    From the Falkland Islands # 6111
    From anywhere in the world (Call-back) +44 (0)1980 630854

    Amazing aint it? MOD minions sometimes leave people to cope for years out of sight and out of mind. Then when they think they could save money, they "investigate" or make decisions. Then they can travel anywhere, it seems. Shower of sh+te.

    And their website talks a good job, but as one in the middle of it all, "it aint necessarily so..." Message to MOD: You Fail Us.

    medman 82, you're so right mate.
  6. How many more individuals will the Mod SPVA screw up before they get the REAL message, there are allot out here hurting albeit physically / mentally or both!

    Rouge Gunner take heart friend, there are many on here who understand your needs and some are even trying to get the Mod / SPVA to accept their responsibilites without leaping through hoops backwards.

    If all those on here asked their MP to ask questions in the house of the Mod and NHS about the total lack of appropiate care and support and the MEANS test SPVA expect you to do, then chop your toes off, well perhaps they in gobberment would listen sooner than later.

    The bouce your email to the local press and tell them your waiting to hear from your MP.

    "Keep the Faith"
  7. RG

    If you are online and need some support send me a PM. We look after our own my friend. I can call you and prop you up.

    Be strong big lad. There is a support mechanism we can fastrack for you (I have done courses at Amport House in Moral & Welfare Leadership my friend) It's now payback time for us to help you.

    With kind regards

  8. He's right about the VA they are F******* useless< one of them once said to me he understood because he was a reinactor, I went f***** balistic and called him all the cnuts I could think of ,wonk.Totally lost it he crapped it and they got me out of there PDQ
  9. Thanks for your support guys , I’m still here and I’m not going anywhere, I know kids that have suffered as a result of their Fathers killing themselves and I’m not going to hurt my kids by being selfish. As for iain63, I will tell you how much I have had for my book in Royalties mate F*** ALL, you can also ask my ex wife, she’s a slag and would probably give you one, you sound like the sort of cheesy guy she would go for and if you don’t believe me go and ring Dan Collins at Monday books on 01455 221 752 and ask him, and if you honestly think money can cure PTSD then you are extremely ignorant to the condition completely.

    Happy Christmas to everyone else.

  10. Oh yeah and whats wrong with Cumbria? its got to be better than `Who turned the fecking heating off`?

    Gods Country.
  11. RG be strong mate & PM me if I can help.

    Take care mate.

    Be safe

  12. RG, just to let you know.....people DO give a fcuk...ex-gunner meself and wish I could help more.

    All I can say is stick with it mate, although it's hard road to travel, there are people out there who want to see you succeed!
  13. This isn't the NAAFI you C0CK! keep your smart comments to yourself...
  14. Well said Blue/Green Job Lets look after our own and support the injured. RG needs our friendship & support. Lets salute him and give him a helping hand. We are all Military and must take care of our own.
  15. Bump.....for good reasons