PTSD or Pure Thuggery ???

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by feckemall, Nov 11, 2008.

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  1. Taking into consideration the previous of this character, his unit and his possible exposure (or not) to front line action (and looking at his picture he doesnt do too many BFTs!) what do you think of the crime and the punishment?

    Clickety Clickety Click Click Click

    I know its the Guardian but they can't distort most of the facts reported . . .

    There was no claim put forward of PTSD in his defence but any clever defence solicitor would be launching an appeal based on this no doubt. They have no morals and would use any excuse to get a few more grand on legal aid.

    His open mouthed response to the sentence could be in anticipation of his next shower . . .
  2. You have to be fairly cautious with this situtation

    There was no mention of PTSD, but his unit apparently had him on a anger management course after busting him for fighting

    Has he got issues relating to PTSD or is he just a violent Cnut who punches some one 5 times then tries for a conversion while his victim is unconscious on the ground

    From the report, if he has got psych issues he wasn't defended particularly well.....on the otherhand if he's just a violent cnut perhaps it was recognised that he just needed to be dealt with and hands washed...

    My gut reaction, violent cnut
  3. Initial reaction. violent fat cnut!

    The fat slag made me laugh, typical that she was the main protagonist in the argument but when fatboy started laying into the (just as belligerent) "victim" she tries to be peacemaker.

    Noticed that she didn't drop her kebab though.
  4. Just seen the vid, for a man acting in self defence he seems to follow the bloke around alot

  5. LMFAO - Good observation drills that man . . .
  6. "Some sort of training or auto-pilot took over!" :lol:
  7. Iraq soldier kicked man in head and left him unconscious.

    So he was serving with the Iraqi Army was he, you dumb fcuk journo!

    Garbage journo shite.

    However, that said, march the guilty ba$tard in.
  8. Having watched the video several times now I am outraged/amazed that 4 people run away from an unconscious helpless man lying injured on the floor.

    No doubt the bratty bird was checking his pockets for mars bars when she was over him, but what coont does a runner from that situation other than a coward.

    Surely basic soldiering drills that this guy obviously struggled to achieve would instill some instinct to administer some first aid/take responsibility until help arrives.

    In their desperation they managed to run 50 yards before being too puffed to carry on - to$$ers!

    I am sure PTSD is not an issue as this guy would have obviously shit himself if ever near any conflict without odds of 4 to one in his favour.
  9. What a cnut
    Appauling behavior,
    My guess is he kicked the guy in the snout for threatening to take the fat bint's kebab,

    On a serious note, this guy is trained to make split second decisions, so no fcuking excuse really...
  10. The Bloke who got kicked in the head was walking away and then said fat **** persued him.
  11. When the guy started walking off the bunch of cnuts should have walked in the other direction and finished there kebabs... end-o-story

    they seemed determined to finish there chips off when the codgers where stopping them
  12. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Guilty violent git. Discharge him.
  13. Cnut of the 1st order.
    Deserves hanging out to dry. At least he has 6 months in a nice quiet cell to reflect on how much of a cnut he has been, hopefully during that time his fat cow of a girlfriend gets her back doors kicked in by as many different lager louts as possible while he is away.
    There is no excuse for behavior of that kind.

  14. Bloody journos can't get anything right, never heard of the 21st Engineer Regiment, there is a 21 in Ripon though. Got that journo? 21, not twenty-one but two-one :x

    Back on topic, the Corps is better off without that type of belligerent tw@t
  15. I hope he gets dry bummed in nick, the fat cnut.