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I'm an ex Royal Engineer who has just started a charity to help ex service personnel adjust to civvie street. If you go on to our website you can read about what we are trying to do.
To coincide with Armed Forces Day in June VIA and our partner charity Talking2Minds, also run by ex Royal Engineers are taking 8 veterans who are suffering with PTSD for treatment using Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).
This is a new way to treat PTSD but with tremendous results and Talking2Minds currently has 400 veterans awaiting this treatment with numbers increasing every day.
VIA is the second stage of this treatment. We plan to take veterans who have been treated for the sympoms of PTSD on expeditions where we plan to use the skills the veterans already possess from their military service to do aid work in the places we go and for the people we meet on our travels.
It would be great if we could get something on your site to promote what we are trying to achieve.

Billy MacLeod

Veterans International Aid

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