PTSD - Info for those seeking assistance.

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by SkiCarver, May 6, 2007.

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  1. "An abnormal reaction to an abnormal situation is normal behaviour." - Concentration-camp survivor Viktor Frankl
    This thread is intended as a ‘quick reference guide’ for those who feel they may need help.

    Please post any guidance you feel would be useful for those who wish to seek help related to PTSD. Also, any guidance for friends and family, or even employers, to enable them to get help for those suffering would be welcome.

    Routes to help.

    For those serving, the first port of call is the padre or MO.

    For those ex-service personnel you should first speak to your GP.
    As I understand it, these routes can sometimes be very difficult. Any suggestions for other routes to assistance would be very useful. (Combat stress for example) Please share any experiences, good and bad, with your chosen route to help.

    There is also a lot of information on the web about PTSD. Included below are some links to support organisations and related articles. Please read. One of the common themes to many of these sites is; You are NOT alone.

    Combat Stress
    Ex-services mental welfare society.

    NHS Direct
    Site contains information of NHS treatments for PTSD and it also contains some related information.

    National Institue for Clinical Excellence Site has a number of reports containing useful infomation.

    Related article in Psychology Today magazine.
    Some useful and concise information on PTSD.

    Arrse thread - Treatment on the NHS for PTSD

    Arrse thread - PTSD and homeless ex-servicemen

    Arrse thread - (US) veterans twice as likley to commit suicide

    Related Forum Thread on

    Arrse Thread - PTSD

    Arrse Thread - PTSD

    Arrse Thread - BMJ - Mental Health and Overstretch - UK Forces

    Arrse Thread -Should Veterans have right to treatment on NHS?

    link to Canadian support site with some useful information

    Link to an Australian site with some useful information

    Link to Reserves Mental Health Program
    Contact Number 0800 0326258

    Arrse Thread on "Reserves Mental Health Program"
    There is some useful info on the program.

    Arrse thread on a University of essex report on the mental health of young soldiers.

    BBC article discussing PTSD
    I will edit this post to include useful links, books and suggested routes to help as they are posted.

    Lastly, I am not an expert in this subject so any assistance or corrections of any errors I may make would be greatly appreciated.

    Edited repeatedly to add related threads.
    Edited to fix broken links. Please PM me if you find broken links, ta.
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  2. Email received from Combat Stress following request for info for those seeking assistance.

    My Bold.
  3. Following a post by themonsstar on this thread I have collected the following info.

    NHS Documents link - NHS Guidelines HSG(97)31

    This has been referenced by many medical agencies in the UK. (point 8.25)

    Related discussion on arrse.
    MP mauled on ITV news over PTSD

    Included in the themonsstars' post was the following.

    So, if your injury (PTSD included) was caused by your service, you should recieve priority treatment.

    I have attached a PDF of HSG(97)31.

    Edited to remove broken link.

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  4. Useful info. All I can add is a warning to beware of padres in certain circumstances because their first loyalty is to their foodbowl. The same can be said for the AWA if they still exist.

    Thats not a dig at all of 'em but take it from one who's been through the hoop.
  5. for those of us who are now in civvie street speak to the royal british legion about ptsd they will help and support you quicker than a cant be arsed civvie doctor
  6. pittagyros made a great point! The RBL or equiv if in another country will be far more useful for those who have left the service than a civ GP!

    For those of us still in...the mess bar with a couple of muckers of similar experience is not to be underrated! Even if you don't think you have any symptons...these days it's almost a given.
  7. Done and thank you for the suggestion.

    If anyone has any useful info or links on the subject, please feel free to post on this thread.
  9. With regards to the above, the Department of Health have now issued an extension to guidlines HSG(97)31 to include all veterans of the armed forces regardless of whether they are war pensioners or not. These veterans should receive priority treatment in the NHS for conditions related to service (DH, 2008). You can contact richard @ to find out the work we do offering Health & Social Care organisations training.
  10. I was wondering how a reservist can access to RMHT if their Gp wont refar them as in my case, this is because she say i'm having councilling sessions with a therapist who has diagnosed me with PTSD and depression
  11. Is your counselling connected to your PTSD? And if so do you think it's helping?

    I can understand why if you are getting treatment for your PTSD and it's helping she won't refer you elsewhere, as receiving help from two different sources for the same thing would be counter productive and not helpful.

    If the counselling ISN'T for that purpose then I'm not sure why she hasn't/won't referred you and I would ask again and make sure she understands exactly what the service is for.

    Good luck!
  12. You can self refer to Combat Stress, if you contact them they should in the first instance send a Regional Welfare Officer to see you.
  13. But ideally he/she should be seen by the RMHP first.

    Not quite sure what a counsellor is doing diagnosing psychiatric illnesses either, but that's a separate issue!
  14. Hi everyone,
    The councilor was put in place because of symtoms of depression and flashbacks relating to incidents that had been related to service, ihave spoken to the vet agency welfar officer who has refarred me to Combat Stress i am awaiting a visit from a welfare officer had no date yet. but they say that they work alongside the other agencies and don't take over your care but as of yet i have not seen a doc yet to get it diagnosed properly. and no i don't think my councilling is working it's just turning up ever other week for a chat, i have said this to the councillor but its like talking to a machine who is'nt listening
  15. That being the case I would insist that the GP refers you to the RMHP and explain that the counselling isn't working. CS do work alongside the other agencies and should be seen as an addition rather than instead of the other services available.

    The other option would be to ring Chilwell direct and explain what's going on to the RMHP and see if they have any suggestions.