PTSD industry

I quote from an email I was sent by mistake....

"Hello xxxx (redacted)
Was really good to catch up.
I never thought that would be the push needed to excavate!
Am so excited, at last!
I will continue beavering away.
So pleased that coming on board.
Meeting with Xxxx today and hope to clarify that indeed secure.
I think the niche is highly profitable and will be a saviour to people.
Am meeting with Xxxx Friday.
Hopefully should be able to pair it down to the basics of safety.
Then to reach those who need it!
Will be in touch next week end"

Aside from the amusing toilet humour in the second sentence, I would like to emphasise the point about profitability at the expense of those who suffer from this appalling condition.

I am not, repeat not, lessening the horrors of PTSD. I have been diagnosed with it myself, but alongside fantastic organisations like Combat Stress, there seems to be a growing number of pikeys and wannabes out there who have a couple of ponies in a field and think they can offer 'Equine Therapy' for those who can afford to pay to stroke a horse.

Equine therapy is fantastic in the right environment and with proper support.

My point is that there is a PTSD bandwagon in the slipstream of the Outrage Bus and is edging into the fast lane.

For every proper mental health charity, there are dozens of charlatans waiting to cash in.

Yours in disgust and disgrace, probably, KOTB

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