PTSD - How to start living again

Discussion in 'REME' started by derek71, Apr 27, 2013.

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  1. Hey Arrse'rs

    Wanted to create a group for people who are trying to deal with the effects of PTSD

    Could be their families, themselves or both

    If you have anyone who could do with some help on the matter, I'd be glad to start a forum on this

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  2. Look at what's available already mate. Speak to commissioners, good luck.
  3. Cheers mate, really appreciate the prompt reply


  4. You seem to be doing a lot Derek, as Jarrod says there is plenty out there and it seems to be an area where more competition is worse rather than better for the end user. I don't doubt your motives / intentions but instead why not try working with one of the established ones, SSAFA / RBL / H4H etc? I really don't think any more are needed and I would be surprised if anyone could counter this with an argument to the contrary.

    You seem quite driven in your desire to help, seriously mate, channel it with an established one who would happily snap up your services.
  5. or of course combat stress - they have been doing this since 1919 so have plenty of experience
    best of luck
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  6. Cheers Taff

    Appreciate the message mate!

  7. Thanks Poppy

    a good point and appreciated

  8. Bryan, great points across the board mate

    Contacted Combat Stress on about 4 occasions - no joy

    SSAFA - seems to be the perfect choice and thanks buddy

  9. Derek, no problems and if you want to chat about it PM me, keep plugging away and it maybe a silly breakdown in comms with Combat Stress, they seem a very professional bunch of chaps. Sounds like you have a lot of effort to give and I think any organisation would be foolish to turn down someone such as yourself. Again, PM me mate if there is anything I can do to help.
  10. Thanks again Bryan!

    I will drop them another intro and see what they say. I'm over in Boston teaching my course Trauma 2 Triumph so perhaps when I come back I will drop in on them then

    In the meantime, totally grateful for the honest feedback - rare stuff

  11. Thanks Dingerr

    Appreciate you droppin in - will check this out and get back to you

  12. Whats the going rate? And why is this in REME, do they have a higher predeliction for PTSD???
  13. No reason it's in REME. A case study fee will be available for strong stories.