PTSD help?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by amietheyorkshirelass, Nov 5, 2009.

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  1. My friend has PTSD after Iraq and he's not doing well with fireworks...does anybody know how to help?
  2. Get away from the noise. Turn music on loud enough to drown it out etc?
  3. He's outside (walking home from somewhere, thinking he'd be fine)...what should I say over the phone to calm him down?

    Sorry for this - I'm just very worried right now.
  4. Tell him to jump in a taxi and go home to bed the f*cking lollipop, it works for me, every time I go out I end the night by hoofing in the front door of a council house, steaming into every room screaming pidgen arabic before hotfooting out the back door whilst muttering obscenities into the night air and re-magging an imaginary weapon,

    heres a tip, get off the internet and go and grab him, have a cuddle, cup of tea and furiously w*nk him off, youll undoubtably put him to sleep..
  5. Say, "no need for the dramatic war stories love...I was going to let you shag me anyway".

    He'll be outside yours with a bottle of Blue Nun before you can say "guy fawkes"
  6. LOL I chuckled so I did.
  7. Bang on :D , and if he is anything like the rest of us, he'll be clutching a handful of flowers from a Texaco Garage whilst a Pakistani with foul breath and a curious grasp of English furiously beeps his taxi horn waiting for the delivery of the promise, 'she'll pay you when we get there mate'.... :D
  8. Haha, typical men! Just typical!
  9. Fat vagina wearers that cannot run, I can cope with. My bezzie mate with PTSD yawny yawn yawn yawn, why the feck is he out on guy fawkes night, is he as retarded as you, or doesnt he exist?
  10. for future refeence.linky
  11. Shouldnt you be out looking for the quintessential war damaged romantic ? If youve any luck he'll be too busy mixing it large with Yorkshire's finest in a fast food establishment dressed in a Telic 10 t shirt, Help for Heroes wristband and sporting blonde highlights..
  12. You've got to admit though, as a topic starter solely designed for the collection of veiny treats, it beats the usual 'Hi, I'm a bird, please flock around me like a shiit fly whilst I make veiled sexual remarks' pish normally found on here.

    You're right though, she's talking out of her hole.
  13. Looking at her previous posts, our Amie is only 15 years old.

    Amie, get your face back in your school books and away from soldiers crotches. It'll all end in tears...and a sore ricker.
  14. Starting young then. Is she a northern monkey from a sink estate?
  15. She's from Yorkshire. Nuff said :D
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