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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Bugly, Aug 3, 2007.

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  1. I wondered as there seems to be more and more PTSD sufferers here, if those who come on ARRSE & have PTSD think that a confidential PTSD forum was a good idea. If there are enough people that think so then we could ask the CO's.

    I think it would have to be a confidential forum so as to keep the PTSD walts out (sad to say but there are such people) and so that someone who may still be serving felt OK about asking for info/help and anyone who would rather not share such info in a public forum can do so safely.

    The CO's would have to agree, obviously.

    There may be legal and other reasons why this couldn't happen

    It would need MOD's etc etc.

    The poll is to see how many think this is a good or crap idea.
  2. This was looked at fairly recently, the idea being that those of us who are qualified and/or experienced in dealing with these matters would be able to point people towards appropriate help. It would also have provided a forum for reassurance and discussion amongst sufferers.

    Although not a Mod myself (never been asked :x ), I gather some were against it for various reasons and the COs decided it should not go ahead. Disappointing, but of course I respect the decision.

    So, on this one I will abstain.
  3. I think it does need to be (semi) confidential.

    I have had ptsd for several years and diagnosed for a good 1 and a half years. I am still (just) serving and I understand how individuals can feel when that diagnosis is made. Many fear for their careers - others fear the stigma!

    PTSD isn't an ilness, it is an injury and one of the worst you can imagine...

    ARRSE needs a dedicated forum with people who

    1 - know the treatment, the system and what, where, when and why

    2 - health care professionals who would volunteer some time to really point in the right direction!

    If it weren't for a few people here and another person on a dedicated ptsd site which has since shut down I would have killed myself just over a year ago... I think that is food for thought!
  4. the reasons it is a crap Idea, is:

    People who have it, in a lets say lesser degree would need to recognise the symptoms.

    If it were to be confidetial, then it would be a club, not good for the sufferer

    If it were an open forum, those with the answers can also create false callsigns to ask the questions we are all afraid to ask.

    Finally this is a poll, if you post a comment have the decency to vote first.
  5. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    If I was Admin the obvious sticking point would be in the event something bad happened. Sorry to be a downer on what seems an excellent idea, but you can see the headline... "In the months leading up to the tragic incident Mr. Jones had sought informal help from a web based army rumour service"

    Some things are best left to the Pro's.
  6. I think the problem with having a confidential site is that good ideas from people who do not suffer from PTSD but have knowledge of the condition and have something to contribute will be marginalised and it could end up simply a forum for telling fellow sufferers how theyy are suffering rather than how to beat it.
  7. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    I know, I know. Anybody with PTSD has my full sympathy and I can see how a web support group could work. Particularly if someone is physically isolated, say living in a remore rural area.

    If someone with PTSD, or one of their supporters setup a group, it could be linked here?

    But if the ARRSE hosted it and something did go badly Pete Tong, and the tabloids could prove a link here (innocent family member saying "He was doing so well. He had tremendous support from people on the PTSD furum at the ARRSE"), well, I dont need to paint a picture.

    Feel free to tell me to do one. I aint Admin and I aint got PTSD.
  8. Just got told this topic was up. Is this any good to you? ,,...

    PTSD is real, from someone who's had it, still has it, been analysed, took himself to bits, has been judged, vetted and poked and prodded. It fecking hurts. But we need specialist help, I know. A senior counselling lecturer tells me that specialised treatment is the ONLY way to sort it.

    Messing around with people's minds is lethal. (I know because of my stupidities, my PTSD and my insecurities, I have hurt other people's minds). So NO NO NO , I think certain things can be discussed, but you CANNOT play micky mouse doctors.

    PTSD: It's beatable. It's not going to run your life, and it can be managed. I've done a years study, and halfway through NVQ, finished a wad of courses, and have contributed much to the community. I am ready to go for full time work after a year's counselling and eighteen months self -development. No pain, no gain. My Vet Rep (West Country) reckons he can mention me as a good example of someone who has had it, sorted it and beat it. Easy for him............

    So what's it like to have PTSD? sh*t basically. Its like being p*ssed, coping is diminished, sensitivities heightened, general abilities diminished.
    Emotional, yes, dizzy, sometimes. Anxiety, stress, fear and vulnerable as f*ck. Moody, yes, erratic sometimes but always, always stressed. Some will end up homeless, pushed from pillar to post, passed about like a parcel. You have to get a grip, you have to keep going.

    My case is sorted, MOD War Pension, labelled disabled, receiving lowered standard of living allowance. Vets Agency are supporting, and I am lucky enough to have a strong loving woman who takes so much sh*t, I would sh**t me if I were her. You can't beat the love of a good woman, try it.

    Have had PTSD (mostly undiagnosed) with other issues for umpteen years. It was seen in me about three years ago, sorry to say that medics didnt refer me anywhere, I thought I was just going mad, frankly.I have friends who have PTSD, but they haven't been picked up and some of them don't want to be. You sort it when you're ready, I took a very, very long time. I also have other problems which don't help.

    If one actually looks at oneself, and received counselling, development coacghing, and faces the demons full on, believe me, not everyone may have the balls to do all that. You have to open yourself up, and it aint nice.

    PTSD can destroy your life, your family, and people who love you. We are all individuals, so please don't make the mistake of lumping everyone in together (not saying you do). We fruitcakes have had different experiences in differing theatres. That's what makes us all unique.

    One person may cope one way, another finds other skills. The symptons may be the same, but the experiences may be different amongst us. It's not easy for anyone close to us, they can't know what's going on with us, others can't see the illness unless we crack, but it's healthy and healing, don't be scared of a good cry.

    Triggers probably lurk in us all, noise, flashbacks, reminders, even films or televised events involving similar experiences to mine. Not easy , is it?
    Not easy for our loved ones, our friends or our work mates. Flashbacks can come any time, dreams can be vivid. Our fears are real. Vivid.

    That's what it's like with PTSD. I avoid the triggers, I've developed myself, have had a sh*t fifteen years and a really hard past year. I've cracked often. I'm lucky enough to have a lovely woman who was there when I cracked, the last time. I have to like myself, I have to trust people, and I have to manage my thing that apparently will improve but will not go away.

    Concentrating on others helps you. Empathy helps us, and helps us to understand others. I say feck it, it's not going to feck up my love life and my job any more.
  9. I'm a newbie on here and an ex-matelot of the Falklands era.

    Definitely something needs to be done, maybe not here but maybe a professionally managed forum linked from here.

    As for me, I was on the Intrepid which was one of the very few ships not to have been hit. But 25 years later, after the Falklands parade I had a 'episode' four days later, which resulted in me being carted off in an ambulance. I was fortunate and have needed only one session to manage the situation.

    I came off unscathed, but if it can affect me after 25 years, then you guys on active service are walking PTSD time bombs, by comparison. Make sure you get help whilst you are in the service, because for veterans support (people that can understand your situation) is very limited.

    If you feel you need it, keep pushing for it and I know veterans that can help you in your pursuit.

    Take care guys! Mike
  10. ooops missed that topic, sorry about bringing it up again so soon.

    edited to add: I've now read the topic through to the end so the answer is no there will not be a forum.

    MOD's please bin this topic.
  11. Topic binned. Good call.