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Hello all. A plea here from Channel Four News - Nick Walsh.
We're researching PTSD among those returning from Iraq '03-07.
Can anyone who knows anyone who has been diagnosed with PTSD, who thinks might be interested in talking to us about it, drop me a line?
0207 430 4484
Nothing personal Mr Walsh,

This site and many good people have been attempting (in vain) to gain some form of recognition for PTSD, not only from the gulf war but for all military actions.

The words "head, banging and brick wall" always seem to be the result.

Good luck with your attempt though


Mr Walsh

I'd recommend talking to Combat Stress, who may be able to help you with your enquiries.

Thanks for your optimism and help.
We've been talking to all the different support groups, but still want to hear from real people whore suffering from this.
Go on, give me a call if you're reading this.
Problem is Nick - if we are still in, talking to you could get us, the individual into a world of hurt.

Nevertheless it is a worthwhile cause (anything is which will show what Blair and cohorts is doing to us!!!).

I agree - but no world of hurt if we digsuise your voice, face, etc and use all the various trickeries at hand (that make people sometimes even wonder if the person we're interviewing is real)... so don't be out off... confidentiality protected.
The diagnosed cases are just the tip of a very large iceberg. Soldiers will not admit it to the army so few will admit it to the media.

Careers end due to a diagnosis which results in problems many years down the line.

It is only my own warped sense of humour and sick sexual depravity that keeps me sane.


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