Ptsd career ending??

What impact can seeking help have on career postings and promotion etc? At the point now where i need to get help due to the nightmares, lack of sleep, and changes in my temper.

what can i expect?

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Sorry no-one's picked up on this yet. :oops:

Look, in the grand scheme of things the mob would far rather you recognised you had a problem, gripped it by seeking help and cracked on.

Theoretically - unless you were med boarded S8 - there should be no impact on your career or rather, in an ideal world, there should be a positive effect in that your CoC should recognise and respect the fact that you had the gumption to try and get it sorted. :wink:

Of course, that's 'theoretical' and in an 'ideal world' :(

Exactly how your own outfit works I don't know. :?
There will be no effect my friend. Its a chain of command responsibility, and if you dont get help, your career may suffer more from a natural dip in performance.
I think that even in the last three years, the change in perception of those who need help after tours has been entirely positive. This has come about not only from improved taining in the chain of command, but also from the blokes all realising that its not nice out there!

Go for it mate

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