Discussion in 'ACF' started by verdi_811, Mar 21, 2010.

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    I suffer from PTSD .I am man enough to admitt this because Ive had professional guidance and have been reliably informed that my mental circuitry isn't Needing a decent rewire .The thing with this horrible disease and it is a disease is that it creeps up on you unexpectedly Rather sniper like.

    It could be something as simple as an ambulance racing past or as complex as another full on contact in the green zone in afg. But needless to say its a killer.Im lucky im still alive ,but it has cost me A daughter i rarely if ever see and a marriage( not my daughters mother just to quantify)...But with help its beatable and by that i mean not going the same way as many other lost souls that have been in the past called deserters.

    Some times I lie awake at night having had a full on nightmare and wake up thinking why me what did i do to deserve this......But the one thing i remember from my chats with Simon weston(ex welsh guards) is you Dont choose PTSD it chooses you!

    That always seems to bring me back to earth in times of panic be it post sleep or when the ambulance passes by............

    I have to say at this point it may be the end of my ACF career as my doctor ''maybe rightly so'' is hesitant to Sign my med docs at the mo if this is the case so be it ill become a CA .UNTIL Ive beaten this thing called PTSD.

    But Ive beaten the welsh hills and the nasty men that keep telling you to ''sack it mate your crap''......... Ive beaten the bigots in pirbright who said a ''cav instructor here na''............. Ive even beat Prostate cancer.

    But this will not beat me.!!!

    Any one else want to contribute ? why i here you all ask....
    Because its therapeutic....Simples
  2. well done for getting some help. time is truely a good heeler. all the best for the future
  3. With all due respect, if ambulances and the like set you off, do you think you are fit to look after someone's children against a backdrop of gunfire and thunderflashes or on the range? What could happen if you, the responsible adult, just freeze or have a flash-back?

    Good on you for wanting to crack on and to contribute to the ACF. Just beat this thing first; rest assured you're not alone and it can be done.
  4. Good job you didn't join the army then
  5. I did in 1987 and did 19 years you arsse.............. Now go and hump somebody elses leg mines out of bounds.
  6. Don't rise to the wuck-fits, there are plenty on here that understand, the minority will always take the cheap shot. Good luck with this, you can beat it :nod:
  7. The ambulance quote wasnt mine but i know what you mean. time will heal and bugger those that say it doesnt they are just slack bstards. any one else want to have ago tally target should post it to

    Dr W ho gives a fcuk
    wereyou belong
  8. **** wit? ******* been there and done it and going back out there to do it again.I know all about coming home and being a complete asshole for 6 months.Bottle and half of red wine every night. Mate you get over it . I just hate knobbers that claim PTSD for no reason other than sympathy or an easy ticket out of the mob.
  9. Quick question, do you see a Doc 'approved' by your county for a rul PULHAMS type medical, take a tick sheet to your doc or something else altogether?
  10. Sounds like you're living in very close proximity to that big river in Egypt to come out with that, but good for you, hope you feel better...
  11. Then if you really believe a bottle and a half of wine nullifys PTSD all you have is well a liking for wine.clueless and still you find the time to potentialy slag of some one who really has been there and uses the t shirt to now clean the fcuking wndows tosser.So what is PTSD if you are needing a bottle and a half after each tour young man?Id love to know and maybe so would some of the other people on here who really suffer......
  12. My normal GP if there is such a thing and having been an ACFV for a while its a bit of a shock but doc knows best.......
  13. ACF medical is just the PULHEEMS sheet if you see a mil doctor, or a sort of civvy translation if you see a civvy doctor...

    'can you see that word on the board?'
    'yep it says 'carrots'
    'good. can you hear well in both ears'
    'good. can you breath?'
    'excellent. now, do you have any body parts missing'
    'and are you generally feeling good about life'
    'i think so, bit annoyed I got a parking fine'
    'oh thats nothing to worry about. here you go, all signed'

    well done for admitting though verdi, its better than bluffing through your medical then regretting it later. too many people do and 'as long as nobody, nobody gets hurt' its OK until they're supervising 10 kids on a Dartmoor hike and have a heart attack or something.
  14. PM sent !
  15. Funnily enough this was the topic of conversation tonight in the Traf, 3 of the chaps involved were 2 Para Falklands Veterans one of whom won the MM down there.
    Not one of them said they had any bother or mental dramas with what happened as that was what they were paid to do and found it hard to work out why so many people were claiming PTSD. One bloke said he felt weird at the fact he didn't have it but we said it was horses for courses and everyone had their own mental tolerances.
    This is a discussion that could go on for ever and probably will and the charities involved (especially Combat Stress) will have to deal with it, unless you're nails and drink in the Shot where we'll just take the piss and tell you to get on with it.
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