PTSD (Article)

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Arte_et_Marte, Aug 24, 2009.

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  1. Any thoughts on this Plymouth newspaper article?

    I have a couple of problems with it as some of the wording does not strike me as genuine.

    "10 year olds with machine guns" for one example. Mmm. Not when I was there (not getting shot at. :p )


    If this is duff info, it doesn't show the papers reporting standards in a good light, and if it's noduff it shows the current welfare system isn't up to scratch.
  2. "I still hear the explosions now from that time; I can still smell the Semtex and I can actually taste the dead people.
    "It's something I will never get rid of. I'll never forget. You can't defend [against] that physically, emotionally or mentally."

    going through this myself and can vouch for it ..................... maybe some of the stuff is duff but personally i can feel for this guy ..................
  3. Hmm SAS hitman,secret list hmmm

    sounds true to me :roll:
  4. I'm trying to work out how if he was discharged from the SAS in 1990 he can have served in Kosovo or Afganistan or Iraq for that matter......
  5. I am sorry to say that PTSD Walts do exist.
  6. So he was 22 when he was discharged from sas and had completed 6 tours of NI including one as a 17yr old? Really?
  7. The dates don't add up.

    Kosovo and Afghanistan? Pre-1990?

    Nope, must be a DWP Belfast issue.
  8. ok!! if you have PTSD you dont have to walt it up too!

    nooo way on earth did he do all that stuff that has been written in such a small amount of time!
  9. Yup there's a few who post regularly on here.
  10. 10yr olds never used machine guns on the streets here. Anybody in the 'RA had been vetted & had a green book before they ever touched a shooter. It's sad if this gentleman does have PTSD but pretty punk reporting by the journo who did not cross reference dates. 6 Tours by a Janner over here and also managed to get pass selection to be a Hooligan and then bucked out at 22 years of age in 1990. Then saw active service in Iraq, Bos & the 'Stan. Sadly does not cut the mustard for me. If your man was an ordinary soldier who had a horrible experience on Banner I pity him. Telling lies and expanding on service is simply wrong and an insult.
  11. The time it took for you to type the apostrophe, you could have typed the 'I'. I then noticed your references to Bosnia and Afghanistan and thought 'You're a cock'.
  12. I got to about one third down and then...

    Complete drivel written by a so-called "defence" correspondent. Surely he would know that no one goes on ops until they're 18 (unless he lied on enlistment). Obviously short on anything else to write. I'm sure there's plenty of genuine PTSD sufferers in the Plymouth area.
  13. PTSD walts nearly always get caught out. There's nothing funnier than sitting in the smoke room at Audley Court listening to a PTSD Walt as he slowly but surely fucks his story up.
  14. which reminds me! have they finished that fookin gym yet!???
  15. I saw my welfare officer a couple of days ago and he said it had been opened.