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Hi I'm new, so Hi to all.

I wanted to know if anyone here had info or had tried the computerised simlutation treatment programme for PTSD?

If you don't know what it is, it's a fairly new (last couple of years) treatment programme from the States whereby you are exposed to the same trauma/s that caused your PTSD via computer simulation with the difference that you are in control of the computer rather than the situation controlling you.

Here's a link about it if you don't know about it :


I'm considering this for myself but wanted to know if anyone had tried it or if anyone had any experience of it please?

I was under the impression that it was still exclusive to treatment centres in the states.
I may be mistaken though.
Welcome to arrse and all the best with your treatment.

If your a journo do one :D


Yes, it's not generally available, you're right, but it looks hopeful that it will be offered to some people over here in the next few months which is why I'm thinking about it.

Thanks for the welcome too. :thumright:
Fair one, from the reports I have read (there was a thread about a few weeks ago I believe) the programme is proving succesfull.
Some dropped out early in the programme saying it was 'too much too soon' whereas other found it incredibly helpful. I will try and find the thread.


Thanks. I would appreciate it if you could find the thread.

Sorry, didn't see the bit at the bottom of your first post about being a journo, no I'm not! Just someone who's retired on medical grounds looking for some info!


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I'm sure that this is just a high tech version of running through your tramua incident with models in a "sand box" the idea being to keep replaying the incident until you become desensitised (sp?) to it. It does not work with everyone.

Next time I'm at Combat Stress I'll ask some of the lads whether this type of therapy worked.

If of course you're a jurno FOAD


Oh Blimey! Everyone thinks I'm a journo. I'm not!! I'm a bit desparate to get some decent treatment which works that's all. This has been discussed with me and I wondered what other people felt, that's it (honestly)


Yes I know Combat Stress quite well. I've done in-patient and out-patient stuff with them. Bottom line is my life is still a mess and so I'm looking at other options in case something else might be helpful. This simulation thing seemed interesting, probably because I seem to have run out of other options.


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mephisto said:
Yes I know Combat Stress quite well. I've done in-patient and out-patient stuff with them. Bottom line is my life is still a mess and so I'm looking at other options in case something else might be helpful. This simulation thing seemed interesting, probably because I seem to have run out of other options.
Don't drop out of sight, take care mate.


That thread is really interesting, thanks Suits_U for posting the link.

Seems like it might be great for some people but not everyone. I'm really not sure it's for me but I'm still interested to research it to see what experiences other people have had.

To be honest, I'm pretty much willing to give anything a try but I'd like to know what I'm getting myself into first!

I'm really grateful for the replies and pms, thanks.
Fair enough matey.
As for that new system, where is the harm in trying? (bad saying I know but hopefully you get my point)
All the best with your research and treatment.
Hiya guys,

For those of you who have been knocking round the site you may know that I work with this kind of stuff - to be honest the one thing that I have heard in the way of coping strategies for people who have PTSD, depression, anxiety OCD and the such like is a counselling practice call "Human Givens".

It's like a mixture of all the good stuff from the different aspects of counselling, but primarily and most importantly the stuff that works.
It doesn't ask you to chat shit about your childhood, the approach deals with coping strategies for the here and now and the re-programming of negative experiences.

I indulged in this myself with a one of the "HG" chappies who comes to work, over a few lunch times, and even as a sceptic, it helped something I have been trying to work through massively, and that was in the space of a few hours.

So give it a go if all else is not doing it for you. I'll try and find a link for you all. I understand that PTSD aint gonna be sorted in a few hours, but like you guys I don't do mumbo jumbo and I really liked this approach.

Good luck and take care x
Nice one suits you.

I think their approach is really good, and it's not all done by wrinkled up all middle aged shrews.

Anyone in the East Anglia region can PM and I will give them the chaps number for around that area.
I am concerned thatt the courses and qualifications offered by Mindfields College don't appear to be validated by any proper professional body such as BACP or the BPS. Indeed, they are only recognised by HGI - perhaps unsurprising, since Mindfields and HGI are effectively one and the same.

Has Combat Stress, or any of the other recognised specialists in the field, reported any success in using this method?
Virobono, all I can say is there has been a lot of anti about the HG approach as it is basically turns the more traditional psychodynamic stuff on its head, which from my understanding is one of the main sticking points concerning it's validation. The BCPS to validate an approach like this would basically be giving itself a kicking.

However, I am told that it's an approach that is becoming increasingly popular and has been used in some of the modern areas of conflict in the reconciliation process....?? Prisons, councils in the UK and the Northern Ireland peace process has incorporated some of this when working with some sections of the community. It's as much about changing attitudes as it is dealing with an individuals own issues. EG: Re -winding etc.

You may be able to find more info as I can't really tell you much more.

One of the chaps that practices in East Anglia is ex army also.

It's something that people have to do their own homework on the same as you would before you choose to take meds or anything else. All I can say is I have faith in it and I have seen a huge turnaround in the young people I have seen go through the courses.

All the best and I hope you guys find your own solutions that work for you x

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