PTSD and Partners

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so absolutely alone in a room full of people?

that no one else could possibly feel the way that you do ?

that just about everything you did was wrong ?

your life has been turned upside down and inside out ?

there are no more tears left to cry and yet still they trickle down your cheek ?

your whole world is spiralling downward ?

your partner is so far away from you even though he is right next to you ?

why is he always shouting?

why is he always drinking ?

why is he always angry ?

why does he always want to be alone ?

" God I cannot carry this load, please help me."

your partner is suffering from post traumatic stress ?

you would like to turn your feelings off for just a little while.

if you are a partner of a veteran and would like to find out more about the 'Just for us' group please contact Combat Stress in Leatherhead on 01372 841635. We are now looking to develop similar groups for veterans' partners at Audley Court and Hollybush House [Combat Stress facilities in Shropshire and near Ayr in Scotland]. We are also looking at starting support groups for children of veterans.
POC is Jan Lobban 01372 841635
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