PTSD and homeless ex-servicemen

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by Eggbanjo, Nov 2, 2003.

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  1. Next weekend a group of former servicemen (myself included) will conduct a sleep out on the Victoria embankment to raise awareness of the number of ex-servicemen who find themselves out on the streets.

    Many of these guys have problems coping with life after the forces and a large number suffer with PTSD. Please take a look at the folowing link for more info.

    This post is not intended to start a thread on the whys and wherefors of PTSD or how these guys ended up sleeping rough. If you can make it on the day all the better.

    I've put this post in the current affairs as its one of the forums with the most hits, can I ask the Mod's to leave it here..........cheers
  2. A very good cause guys and girls

    All the best hope you raise lots of money for them
  3. A very important cause which deserves significantly more attention, particularly so close to Remembrance day.

    I wish you every success.

    Hope someone has invited some politicians - some of them need a reality check!
  4. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    I read the percentage of those sleeping rough on our city streets, that are ex servicemen, is over over 25%. Not sure if it is in fact higher.
  5. A very good cause, and it's now a sticky.

    ......Or it will be :D
  6. Thought about joining you but will donate the cost of the rail ticket instead. All the very best with your endeavours.
  7. An really excellent cause.

    Just a comment - but it would really help if ex servicemen on the streets could show a Regimental badge or something similar. I for one, and know many others would dig deep to help a fellow serviceman.

    Do use the ABF to help out - this is what they are there for.
  8. Ramillies

    I know what you mean but there are plenty of 'beggers' who would soon cotton on and blag money by displaying a Regt badge, also alot of the ex-forces guys are ashamed of living rough and would not want to be seen to be using their unit as a way of getting money.

    Thanks for the posts of support BTW
  9. Good luck for 8th, say hallo to paul k for me. :wink:

  10. My dad spent 22 years of his life in the army and only Lasted 5 years in civvy street. he just couldnt handle getting use to the fact that its a whole diffo world............ the army really should do more to help the people who risk their lives everyday and of course try to keep this a good place to live ........... well if you got rid of the government that is :roll:
  11. EggBanjo

    What have you done about PR for the event?

    Have you anything organised?

    Do you need more?

    PM me, if you feel you could use some

  12. Very well done , bringing this to light was commendable ,how soon we forget.
  13. Update for those that are interested.

    15 or so people turned out on the day, low numbers possibly, but the point was made so mission accomplished. I understand Sky News mentioned it several times during the day, so if it raised the profile a tad all the better.

    Like the majority of people I tend to look the other way when you see homeless people (whether ex-forces or not), avoid eye contact at all costs. So it was quite a humbling experiance to talk to some of them. OK some of them choose to be there others are forced for whatever reasons to live rough, but having spent one night out on the streets I will view them in a different light. The real eyeopener for me was how young these kids are, some did not look much older than my 14 year old son and had lived rough for sometime.

    Strange country we live in.
  14. Well done on the sleep out,hopefully seeing you guys in the street will have made some passers by stop and think.
    Couldn't believe how small the turnout was(would've been there myself but for being in Cyprus),maybe you could've got more attention to the event by advertising it a bit i.e:national press or regimental journals and magazines,i'm sure they wouldn't have charged for it.
    Something to consider for the future if indeed there were a repeat of the event?

    Once again well done,you've brought to light a subject that lives very much in the shadow of other issues-unfortunately just like the people it effects.
  15. Ministers have clearly been briefed that this sort of thing is not an issues in the services.,,2087-923016,00.html Another quick PFI opportunity sneaks in under the radar.

    Embedded community psychiatric practitioners in the army, it will never work!!! Early detection, and management of stress in the workplace?
    If they really need it , I'm sure those top guys at Upavon could knock out a quick CD based training package for section commanders. It would give them something to one evening during junior Brecon!!

    Come to think of it why don't we just get Sandline in, just look at those pension savings we could make as well.

    ( It would certainly help buy us a lot more digitisation boys.
    Network centric, thats the way to go!!)