PTSD and Ecstasy whats your thoughts on the matter.

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by anglian-sam, Feb 9, 2012.

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  1. Here is a study into PTSD being treated with Ecstasy tbh i think this is a good idea i have seen a few videos. With american psychotherapists and this really seems to work.

    But apparently us brits wont be useing this: Ecstasy Helps Treat PTSD Patients, Trial Finds - CBS News

    So you thoughts ??
  2. I really, really, really love you. You're the best bezzer I've ever had. Giz a sip of your water, I'm boiling.

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  3. As this isn't the NAAFI, no, just no.
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  4. Is the idea here that it doesn't actually cure anything but it does mean you don't give a ****?
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  5. It will never work as it would make those suffering from PTSD easily visible to all of the 'normal' people around them. They will be the ones who like crap music, can't stop dancing and chewing and who keep keeling over dead through dehydration.
  6. Yeah good idea.

    The next big thing is to treat depression with smack...
  7. I went to a talk last night on this very topic. Our American cousins appear to be way ahead of our own researchers. LSD also cropped up in the discussions. It's some of the 'medicines' to be taken pre-combat that raised most eyebrows I'm sure. Those clinicians who want to pre-empt the battlefield aftershock and medicate accordingly, now that's going to be the interesting zone.
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  8. Viagra? Surely someone who's hard as **** won't get PTSD.

    "Ooo a taxi, for me?"
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  9. Yes but there is no dependencey on ecstasy ,in the purest of forms MDMA there is no chance of death and especially in a medical enviroment where if the body did start to heat up above its normal temp they can get saline drip into your body to hydrate you.
    In a medical enviroment i think this is a great idea ecstasy was a form of medication before it become a party drug just like ketamin was used in vietnam as a battelfield pain killer to great effect, then it become widely available threw black market sources threw china and india and then was used as a party drug to which people frown on now. why not use it if it helps ??
  10. Sorry but I don't buy in to treatining emotional distress with drugs. But then again I tend to avoid taking any drugs (legal and illegal) full stop. If I start putting pain killers into my system I want to "Feel the benefit" as my old nan would say.
  11. Where does one volunteer? I've got my own chewing gum if that helps?
  12. Why? Because all you've ever been told about drugs is bad?
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  14. Havent heard that in years thanks for that brought a smile to my face.
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