PTSD and Childhood Trauma

Have been looking into the effects of Childhood Trauma into causing later PTSD (or symptoms of a type associated with PTSD) in relation to a close (civilian) friend. One thing I read was this:
The Origins of PTSD

I have long been interested in the effect of childhood trauma in the development of a number of mood disorders such as depression and dysthemia (a milder form of on-going depression). I believe that depression childhood can be a form of dissociative disorder — a way the child escapes the harsh reality of his or her environment through a slowing down of mental activity. Almost all patients that I have seen who were depressed when they were children were the victims of some sort of abuse: physical, sexual or verbal in the form of criticism or implied threats of violence or abandonment. I am not saying that all depression is the result of childhood trauma or that all children who were abused become clinically depressed, just that in many children there seems to be a causal relationship between early abuse and depression.

In dealing with the vets I found the same sort of relationship -- those who were diagnosed with PTSD tended to have traumatic childhoods and those who were free of PTSD did not.
I don't know whether the author is a respected or qualified person but there did seem to be some sense in that to my mind.

The rest of the article is HERE. Some is perhaps controversial or wrong but the quoted part above is what interested me.

Is this theory borne out in the findings of current practitioners here or perhaps in the experiences of sufferers?

As a supplementary question, is social withdrawal and an inability to maintain relationships a common symptom of PTSD?
I wouldn't have descibed it as anything like as clear cut as above, but there has been a known correlation for a while now, and was certainly there on my tour.

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