PTS (Pre Tour Sex)

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bad_Crow, Oct 9, 2006.

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  1. A certain someone on here (Who will remain nameless The daft Dozy Bint that she is) thinks i need to confess my evil ways.

    I will be returning to 'The Stan' this week to finish my tour. Seeing as i will most likely be over there for a wee while living with men i have decided it was best to stock up on sex.
    So, when an ex kindly offers to take on the role as the "bucket" i think why not.

    Surely this is the norm and everybody is nice to their ex's in the run up to deployig to theatre for said reason. Am i wrong?

    Also What are the lady arrsers opinions? Is it fair that i am having my way. Is the excuse i fight better on an empty nut sack good enough or does more thought need to go into it?
  2. Sex before marriage is wrong ,my son.
  3. I know this but it is either that or eat a lemon whilst pouring salt onto my knob after running it over a sander! You know the usual stuff.
  4. The latter I think!! (Only cos I am definitly not getting it anymore!!)
  5. Yeah, yeah - the depletion of testosterone will mean that when you get out there you'll be as aggro as...


    8O :p
  6. Dozy,

    I cant believe you went to all that trouble for me. I knew you said you were gonna take some kinky photos of yourself for "Thrapping" material. But for you to do it so soon...

    I'm touched. Where i wee. With my own hand!
  7. Fcuk me. I'd rather stick my knob in a blender! Hmmmm Blender!

  8. Instances of PTSD would be cut down by 90% if this was required gear in a combat zone.
  9. I dont know. Some of them minges look like face huggers. I think un reported shootings would go up.
  10. Whatever she says is true. Everyone says so.

    Shall I just leave it at?
  11. £35 and we are doing business my man
  12. I suppose thats why you turn off the lights before you start the lovemaking.Good thing porta potties dont have lights!