How long til this gets locked? The book is open
Awwww, did somebody have a widdle oopsie in the Current Events forum?
What a strange subject for a first posting. Or is this an alter ego?
...and that avatar, complete with false medals is a complete give away!
Someone whose threads kept getting binned in CA, I assume: or a poor attempt at banter? I wonder whether it'll be allowed to run, actually - freedom of speech and all that. Probably moved to the arrsehole, though: hardly witty or entertaining enough for the Naafi as it stands.
Who have I upset this time I wonder?

No , it can stay for a bit. Posts like this are one of the perks of the job.

False avatar, new account, flag of convenience e-mail addy, alter-ego , shame you didn't mask your IP addy though :) What's the weather like in the Heimat today?
Ach its the bratwurst walt!!!
Guess again PTP my IP is masked

It is now. But not the intial post, so I'll go with the first statement :D

Not sure why you started a new thread though , there are plenty of 'PTP is a ****' threads banging about the place.
I think banjo-boy is wrong. I deeply love PTP, and would willingly sell my family and house so that I could have his babies...

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