PTP: The Jihadis Friend?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by AndyPipkin, Oct 7, 2006.

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  1. Yes, it's relevant and important, let's discuss it!

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  2. No, feck off you racist! We all live in peace together!

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  3. Allahu Akbar! Die Crusader Infidel Dog!

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  1. It occurs to me thqat certain people, who shall remain nameless (but their initials are PTP) are giving their best efforts to stifle debate, in a very stalinist manner (Sergey would be proud!) of issues surrounding the Muslim population of the UK. To whit, I quote you the moement of all threads concerning islam into one thread, his constant defence of camel jockeys on others....need I go on?

    Anyway, perhaps it's time PTP let us write about what WE feel is relevant, not what HE feels is relevant?
  2. If you dislike the way PTP moderates this forum, why not contact the COs (whose trainset ARRSE is), and complain, rather than trying to make your personal grievance public.

    For the record, I think PTP does an admirable job of moderating this forum. He may not always get it absolutely right (and who could), but I don't think he can be accused of either stifling legitimate debate or of supporting jihadis.
  3. AP, your post isn't worthy. Think again fella.

    PTP has been on the ball with the Selly Oak stuff, I think he has a sound "big picture."

  4. *yawn*

    You really are a boring tw@ ffs first you keep starting muslim and Islam bashing threads going over and over the same issues. Now it is threads against PTP.

    Iost arrsers will agree that PTP does a fine job or mod'ing the CA board. why not try adding something new to the debate as opposed to regurgitating <sp> the same old crap. If you don't like it go join the BNP forum or redwatch you boring cnut.

    edited to add - you can't even make your poll unbiased. Did you not think to add 'I think ptp is fair with his moderation policy and AP is a thick, meat headed bore'
  5. No probs with the effort PTP puts in, but you must admit he's a bit on the Guardian-reading, c0ck-sucking PC side, no?
  6. Erm, if you can find ONE islam-bashing thread I've started on here I'll gladly hie my boots and never darken your doors again. But I really don't think I have...

    (BTW is a different story!)
  7. So you would be happy if he was a islam bashing right wing cnut?

    Maybe he is a liberal in his own politics which he adds to the debate but I have not seen him use that in his moderation policy.
  8. I respect you, nigeglib, and will take your views on board. But let's see what the rest of the board thinks, eh?
  9. May I refer you to the progenisis of the 'It's All about Muslimjs" thread? Or would you rather just igonere that?
  10. Whilst I agree PTP is a bit of a lefty liberal :D he does do a good job moderating this area and I think you'll find the discussion he cuts out is purely to stop this forum becoming like the Sun newspaper.
  11. But funnily enough the Selly Oak stuff doesn't get shoved into the "It's all about muslims" thread.


    Because Pongo agrees with with it.

    The Jack Straw and veils thing doesn't get shoved into the "It's all about muslims" thread?


    Because Pongo agrees with it.

    It might be the CO's train set, but the conductor is steering most of the time. Despite the fact that most of the passengers are screaming.
  12. Cant we just close this thread - or dare I say move it somewhere where it might find some support? There clearly isnt any support for the original viewpoint here. I also back PTP's work. The rest of us dip in and out and enjoy the banter, he has the difficult task of watching all the time and keeping us in line and as far as I'm concerned does a good job.
  13. Well the votes mso far would disagree with you, micksmith, soi-dissant 'journalist'.

    PS: Does your rag ever get anything right about defence matters?
  14. I agree that PTP does a fine job as moderator. I dont think we want threads that slag the muslim community. However, there are jihadists living in the UK that seek to transform the lovely British isles into an islamist state. This subject is worthy of discourse because it threatens British culture and society.

    The tyrany of the minority threatens not only the UK but many other countries of Europe. This is a threat to national security as well as the cultural identity of Europe.
  15. PTP is an apologist for the kind of people who hate the West, hate democracy, hate everything I, and I suspect most of you, beleive in. In England, at any rate (and I certainly don't claim to speak for the Welsh, Gawd blss 'em, that 'Welsh, not British' poster was wholeheartedly endorsed after their 5-1 home thrashing today), we don't actually treat our womenfolk like cvnts, OK?
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