Discussion in 'Officers' started by mcclurg, Jul 2, 2007.

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  1. Can officer's become PTIs? I don't see any reason they shouldn't, but I've personally never seen a PTI officer, so I'd might as well ask the question ^^
  2. The fact that you must be acting rank-LCPL to Sgt minimum would probably prevent most officers from attending the course.
  3. I think they can do a PTI type course if they're posted to UOTCs? Some soap dodging student types should be able to confirm or tell me I'm a lying cunt
  4. I know of a Troop Commander who is a PTI......

    UOTC getting on PTI courses? I fucking hope not, its hard enough to get TA soldiers on those courses, and we're short as hell of them.
  5. It's true, they try to get one or two Ocdts through the course so there's someone to lead PT.
  6. Nah. They can do the Endurance Training Leader (ETL), which allows people like Pl Comds and NCOs to take guys away on runs.
  7. Re-read my post:

    Students don't get posted in and out. The Regular and Stab Officers attached to the UOTC can do the course (or something similiar).
  8. Sorry, my error. I've not met any real officers who were also PTI's.
  9. There was due to be a UOTC bod on my TA PTI course but didnt show up, seem to remember something along the line of 2nd LT's being able to load onto the course if vacancies existed.
  10. I have mate, not sure how it works though.
  11. Hmm, nobody seems terribly sure here...
  12. There were two Lt's on my course when it was run at it was not recent.
    One was a UOTC on two year posting (Remember him being a Cav type!)
    other was RE TA, but i am sure he was about to be posted to TAOC as a DS....
  13. There are officers in the APTC -ie Late Entry officers who joined the APTC as NCOs.

    There are no jobs for Direct Entry officers as PTIs; PTI tasks are conducted by APTC SNCOs and qualified JNCOs in most units.

    There are some qualifications that officers can gain (ETL has already been spoken about) and there is a unit fitness officer (IIRC) - usually the Bn or Regt 2IC in major units, responsible to the CO for the fitness of the unit. There are courses that are designed to assist in planning fitness training but the majority of fitness instruction in the Army is done by NCOs.

    The Royal Marines have a qualification for DE officers as PT officers.
  14. You do ETL at Sandhurst - allows you to take a squad of blokes on certain types of PT.

    You're not looking to collect badges are you McClurg?

    As has been pointed out, no need for Officers to be PTIs as it is NCO sport.
  15. All I can say it that on a RMAS fam visit, we asked the PTI whether officers can be PTI's. He said No, and that only two officers have been PTI's (or vice versa). And they were commissioned from the PTI corps when they were WO2's or WO1's- forget which rank may even have been SSgts.

    That's my two cents....