PTIs or ANYONE - Help Please. PT Session Ideas Needed

I am now out of the 'green' and am a College Lecturer - lecturing a BTEC Public Services Course for 16 - 19 year olds (preparing them, in theory at least, for joining a uniformed service).

I have an hour and a half each week for each year group in which to build up their fitness in order that they become fit enough to pass the BPFA, CFT and other uniformed services fitness tests - i know, you think they'd put the effort in as well!

For the first session i am going to take them outside, concentrate on warming up and stretching, then do the old running round the outside of the square - 'down left hand', 'down right', 'down both', before playing a game of British Bulldogs and It Pays To Be A Winner and then cooling off / stretching.

i am no PTI - although that doesnt seem to matter for work - and although i would like to make them mill for 60 seconds, am a little short on ideas for keeping the sessions progressive yet varied - id also appreciate some team fitness games to play with them (with limited equipment - i have cones, but very little else)

all ideas would be gratefully received!
Dont be to "Soft". Plenty of running and tabbing, with boots on if they have them. Obviously start of slow and build up in speed distance and any weight being carried.

Lots of CV is an advantage, fartlek (?) training etc will greatly improve fitness. So many new members of my unit are arriving unfit, the attitude at depots seems to be get them out and let the units sort the problem! Most cant even pass the basic tests within the first few weeks of arriving.
Forgot to add, look around the Health and fitness forum, I seem to remember lots of people offering advice for some people about to start basic training.


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Or, why not make a minature assualt course? We made one once, albeit with more equipment than you may have. But 4 cones in two pairs each with a plank/broom on could make good "under/over" bars, pick up a cone and balance it on your head whilst spinning...

Can you get hold of any jerry cans? Fill them up and do 20m shuttle runs?

Does this uniformed services thingy include Police/Firefighting?

You could also do some pyramids? They're always a big bundle of joy
bbear - yep, i have a long haired jessy who wants to join the navy - he's in for a shock, 8 who want to go police (although they are resigned to RMP until they are old enough to be considered for civil), and a few who want to go fire service, but again they may end up army because of the competition for jobs.

the other tutor likes to make them log run, but if they cant run a 1.5 respectably, i dont want to break them carrying a feck-off log

fartlek ? is that the sprint, jog, sprint training?
Try calling your local TA and ask if they have a PTI they could spare.

Tell them this will be an ideal recruiting opportunity and they should jump at the chance.

to be honest that was my first idea - but then i figured they would want paying, is probably worth trying though. ta
The House Of PAIN!

- Pair them all off with a person of equal fitness.
- Number of pairs equals the number of different exercise stations within the house. 10 – 15 stations is about right, adjust as necessary.
- Mark out a box around the exercise stations. (Roughly the size of a 5 a side football pitch if outdoors) with one exit and entrance.
- warm up
- Each pair covers off behind an exercise station.

Exercise BEGIN!
*Number 1 runs, NO, sprints around the outside of the house,
no. 2 carries out the exercise.
Number 1 finishes sprinting round the house, in the door and swaps with number 2.
No1 starts exercise.
Number 2 sprints out the door, round the house, in the door, finishes, taps no1 on the shoulder and moves up to the next exercise station. Starts new exercise.
Number 1 sprints off and the cycle continues

- Once all stations are completed, rest!
- Rotate students through until their eyes bleed. After the third session stop, and warm down.
Adjust the number of stations and/or size of the house to suit ability and size of the group. But 10-15 exercise stations in the house are about right.
If you catch a person slacking, punish the pair with knees to chest on a gym crash mat, softer the mat, the better.
I take no responsibility for any injuries physical or psychological, which may be incurred by anybody who instructs or partakes in this system.
Do not ask for more punishment during knees to chest by calling the duty gym queen "a big fat hairy jessie, who could not beast an egg let alone me!" It is guaranteed the QMSI gym queen is stood behind you, and she(Female QMSIs do exist) will take great pleasure in introducing you to levels of pain, and agony that not even death could relieve.


p.s Do you have insurance? Might be worth checking before someone gets injured and you get hung.
onfire said:
to be honest that was my first idea - but then i figured they would want paying, is probably worth trying though. ta
If you sell it right, they will pay for it themselves, out of their recruiting budget.

which Public Service course are you working with? I was on the original Pre-Service the one that started them all, we used to play rugby, using a issue waterbottle filled with concrete :) - never cause me any problems.....

Or speak to your local Police training college, they will normally help you with the beep test.

Speak to your local Military Unit, see if they would help? Again TA / OTC might also be interested. If not page me, and ill send you a CD of usefull stuff.

From my time doing Health Related Fitness at highschool heres a few things we did:

Fartlek training
Hill runs
Circuits (pressups, situps, heaves)
Speed Rope
Ski-sit against a wall for a minimum of 3 minutes with legs fully bent if your lads are reasonably fit
Sprint 100 metres, do 5 press-ups, turn and Sprint the 100 metres again 5 pressups etc. for 3 minutes, 1 minute rest, start again... continue for 20 minutes. Allowing 5 3-min cycles.
since when do u have to practice tabbing to pass a cft 8 miles in 2 hours is bimbling not tabbing

as "Senior Depot PTI"

I'd have thought you would have plenty of constructive ideas to pass on to onfire. Maybe some subtler stuff than "Make their eyes bleed"


SKJOLD, that is beautiful. Brought a tear to my eye, and gave me a proper semi. Can't wait to try it...
thegimp said:

as "Senior Depot PTI"

I'd have thought you would have plenty of constructive ideas to pass on to onfire. Maybe some subtler stuff than "Make their eyes bleed"


FAIR 1 was only teasing but i will get back to him tomorrow
cheers fellas, now i have a smile and some ideas - 'those who aren't already bleeding from the ears, 3 times around my body ... GO!!!'

Keep em coming ... someone tell me milling is ok ;-)
sandy - as a fat knack, with chronic nerve damage in my leg - the reason i left - i can still run the 1.5 in 11 minutes (i know, i know - im working on it) but if that is bad, you best sit down for this ...

some of my students are struggling to do it in less than 18 minutes - in fact, one was so hooped so had a lift back to the finish line from a passing biker!

its good to have a challenge!!!

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