PTIs doing BPFAs

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by dumbstruck, May 6, 2009.

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  1. OK then I have been on the ARRSE now for a few months and have seen many threads between the RMP's and AGC(SPS) or whatever they are called now but I have yet to see and threads thrown up by the god like creatures who bronze themselves everyday and of course love themselves and are called PTI's. I was wondering in this vast collective knowledge if anybody anywhere has ever seen a PTI doing his or her BPFA. You can always see them at the start of the run holding the stopwatch and one who has to ride his or her bike to make sure that no cheating is going on. I look forward to being corrected or beasted like a lunatic.
  2. now you come to mention it.....surely it's not one of those urban myths :?:
  3. I'd like to think that unit PTI's still do BPFA/PFT/BFT's, l know when l was a PTI l did them with the troops more often than not.

    Working in pairs, one would time the run at the start/finish, and the other would run as a marker around the 10 minute pace.

    For the next lot if it was a busy morning, we would swap over.

    Of course, being a PTI l'd also hasten to add that we were seen to be the fitter members of the Regiment, so l suspect it would bring our integrity into question if we were not.

    A PTI sweepstake on who could run the mile and a half fastest was a more likely outcome!
  4. It is generally frowned upon for Health & Safety reasons. Apparently the mirror blocks out too much of the road ahead and there is a genuine risk of them scuffing their Reeboks
  5. The RAF PTI I worked with in Banja Luka was a tubby little fella. Thurns out that he'd beasted himself to get through the course as after that he'd never have to take part in phys ever again!

  6. Not to mention if they begin to sweat after exerting effort the hair gel runs into their eyes and stings like a Bstard. :wink:
  7. There was one of these at RMPTS a few years back too... the theory that PTIs never need to do phys does hold some water eg a run up the hills where they stand at the bottom as you run up and down and up and down and up and down (repeat until vomitus) until they get their breath back, but it does neglect the possibility that they might have to take part in a big long tab some day. Although the RMPTS fat PTI did tend to be driving the jack wagon on these...
  8. I have, and I saw him fail it. Then I saw him get thrashed like a ginger stepchild three times a day by the QMSI.
  9. My PTI in the TA used to set the pace for the CFT, wearing full kit and bergan..

    Wasn't till someone grabbed his kit to throw it on the wagon that we discovered it was filled with packing stuff! Oh how we chuckled...

    True story.
  10. I remember a digger commando on a trip home from Afghanistan saying he couldnt understand why the PTIs at the British infantry unit at his location stood and watched the whole session without moving a muscle, apparently his lot do it all together as a group, I told him "were British, dont think too hard" :D

    There was one at Chilwell in 2006/07, a weasly little blonde waster from the TA, on an 'S' type I presume, who ran a stupidly fast time on his run, he got into a row and very nearly lost his teeth to a jock when he argued that his fast run far outweighed the ability of an infantryman to lug kit long distances and still be operationally effective, the strange little man also barked at an RMR lad for resting on his press ups ! Funny how he politely declined the chance to go through the 4 mile point for the TA and do the second lap with the RMR boys !

    Best one I met whilst out and about was one nicknamed 'Blackeye Bri' from the RHA, dirty barsteward and a very funny bloke, made a refreshing change
  11. I wise man once said to me: "Why do PT, when you can take PT?"
    Then there is the age old line of thought: "Those you can't: Teach"

    in all honesty i think it's more a manning problem. If your company has more than one PTI these days then you are lucky! Or unlucky depending on how you see it.
  12. PTI's actually can be tested at random. Some APTC fella can come up and demand that all/certain percent of unit PTIs parade to conduct a PFT to'PTI' standards.

    1.5 mile: 09.30 mins
    press ups: 50
    Sit ups: 60

    These are scored more rigidly than your averega PFT. Failures can be retested at a later date and/or lose their swords.

    I have known this to happen at my unit.

  13. Interesting subject, i am one of those APTCI blokes, not who stands and waits with a stop watch, but who runs ahead with stop watch, admittedly there r a few that don't do this. In my unit i conduct PTI staff trg, which is worse than any session that u lot have been involved in, therefore worrying about the fact that a PTI doesn't run, or u don't c him run, a piddly PFT, i make sure that my PTI's complete their PFT, but then again u havent mentioned all the CFT's march and shoots, ACFT 1 & 2, pre trg that we take as well, and to finish, are you as good as u like to think @ ur job....... Any time u want to do a PFT give me a shout and bring ur kit :D

  14. Now i really have too laugh at that
  15. SNAP. How can someone beast the blokes and not do it themselves cnuts