PTIs at 8 Sigs 1989-1995

Remember being marched in a Sqn sized squad down to the gym for PT. This was on a friday, following a particularly heavy scabs session the night before. We positioned ourselves at the back of the squad, and as we passed Vimy B took a quick left at the steps and legged it to the NAAFI for an hours hangover recovery.

This went well for half an hour until our Tp Staffy wandered into the NAAFI, immediately clocking the fact that we should be on a log run.

To say the Sqn duties roster was healthy for the next month is an understatement, the PTI's also had their revenge as we were made to attend the remidial PT sessions in the evening for weeks.

yeh, a little PTI called Staff Vella. He was about two feet tall and he had been in the Army for centuries, finishing up as a full Corporal.
i remember that tw@t do you remember the one with the BIGnose? forget his name i think it was something like cnut!
Staff Vella, and the usual cry of "Your Not Working"

And the bird PTI from over at 8 sigs who had to be dragged round an OCs log run by the rest of the PTI's, and caused her team to come in last. Behind the rest of the Regt.

Oh tjey were the days
threesend said:
do you remember the one with the BIGnose? forget his name i think it was something like cnut!
Simon something or other - believe he liked to be know as 'SAS' - and you're right he was a cnut!
There was a female PTI there when I did my class 3 in 93 whose name was Ally somethingorother. She had short hair and scared the shit out of me. Turns out she was quite a nice girl outside of the gym although I suspect she didn't have many boyfriends.

Also, there was the Scouse bloke with the flat top. I saw him again in ATR Bassingbourne in 2001. He was still a fullscrew doing PT for trainees but spent most of his time doing adventure training. Decent bloke.
simon haynes was the pti, good lad , liked his cornish rugby , and there was p.meridith......someone gregory .....chuckle brothere vella etc.
whytry said:
simon h***** was the pti, good lad
Really? I thought he was a complete cnut! I used to work with his missus* though and she was a fcuking stunner!

*Note: This would have been around 1989, so please, no PMs informing me that he was shagging a complete moose before/after this time. :wink:

*2nd Note - on reflection, I probably thought he was a complete cnut simply because he was banging aforementioned stunner. (and he worked in the Gym which automatically makes you a complete cnut!) :D
fcukin ell... vella... that bloke could run any fooker into the ground... even when we was 16yr old snot nosed J/leaders.... still have nightmares bout it!!!
anyone remember running up bus stop hill in catterick?@june 92 with logs! .i also remember our final exercise tabbing back wearing our "crisp packet" waterproofs under our combats (something about it being tactical) then getting gassed ! on goes ipe then running up "heartbreak" hill!! several times as it wasnt fast enough! many teddies were thrown that day ! many thankyous to the following cpls dornan, billie mckelvie and sgt "boss eyes" giles. im naming them as they are out of the army they saw the light and took options for change!
threesend said:
then getting gassed ! on goes ipe then running up "heartbreak" hill!! several times as it wasnt fast enough!
I cant imagine you ever running up a hill fast enough threesend :lol:

Gaz Teevan was a staffyin Ireland in 2001, not sure where he is posted now though. He hasn't changed since 1991. Alan Gregory was a SI, complete stroker who loved himself. 'Staff' Vella is Barry Chuckle's stunt double, apparently Vella tells the crap jokes but always bends his knees not his back!!
i didnt realise that "crazy eyes" was still about , last i heard he got out , i stand corrected ,cheers 5 to do
We had one called Pete Matthews, when on our T1 ('91). All the lads in the Falklands after the T1 used his name as a pseudonym (probably spelt wrong, should have used alias!) when writing to pen pigs and, to honour him, any photo's went into Pete Matthews' Pig Pen. Someone also tried to order an olympic size trampoline under his name through the QMs :lol:
You should always rem who it was hwo got you FIT and those words DIRECTION CHANGE!! Yeah you had Andy Greggory, Pat Velle, Paul Meredith and Simon Haynes.. They have all gone on Andy G is still at Catterick in charge of the Land agency i think Pat became a debt colloctor Paul M is still in NI at the moment 22 nearly up!! Si H not sure think he is out! Anyway hope that helps you up at 8 you had Gaz Teaven he went PT CORP so did chalkie and dougie douglas.

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