PTIs are not Tossers

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by americanlancer, May 14, 2003.

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  1. correct! pti's are only regarded as tossers by fat useless
    lazy wxnkxxs (why havent i been promoted yet im fat and useless and  i worry and get stressed) and my only release is in eating 20 burgers a day (but i have diet coke so i dont understand it)  ;D ;D ;D
    so well said lancer
  2. Fair one american lancer a very valid point I think PTI's are secretly gods gift to man kind for his inequities when putting us together !!    :D  You know it makes sense
  3. Intresting comment about promotion. I thought you only transfered into the the Gym queen corp because your own unit would not promote you. Lets face facts with most of you guys the lights are on but burning very dimly. :twisted: :twisted:
  4. Alfiefizz, going off your photo are you one of the "im fat and useless" if so back in your box. Less of the black stuff down your throat and more tarmac on trainers!
  5. Thats hardly conclusive proof guys. I'd say that the juries still out on this one. :wink:
  6. One of the rarest sights you could ever see............a PTI in the Education Centre.
  8. Well, there are plenty gay ones.
  9. Anybody remember the 'Fitness Wins' Video? PTIs that looked a bit like the village people?
  10. lairdx i would love to see it
    are you the one giving the orders
  11. Lawstudent....I'm not a PTI but if that's your picture there I'll happily give you a good work out :-D

    I don't think this PTI thread proves the guy carried a woman for 200m - I think I could do that too....and I'm not a PTI as already mentioned...hey ho.

    BUT ...I don't think PTIs are ******* get some but you are always gonna get ******* in anything you do anywhere in the world.
  12. .....some of them still do.

    "In the Army......
    deedle deedle deedle dum....
    in the Army,
    where Gym Queens take it up the bum,
    in the Army,
    you know you want a helping hand.
    In the Army,
    to help the SMI shag all of the Militaaaaaary Band......
  13. PTI's have a job to do - it just so happens that some people's greatest aversion is to PT.

    Personally, I appreciate having a PTI present, they push me further than I would by myself - But I enjoy PT so...
  14. what a heart warming story! its wrong that they all get put in the same category not all of them are twits ive met plenty of lovely ones.

    But the "3 times around my beautiful body go " dicks really p*ss me off!