PTI's and CFT's a question

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Cardinal, Mar 16, 2011.

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  1. Our WOII PTI enjoys "wasting" people in CFT's. That is to say setting such a fast rate over the first half of the distance that a great many of soldiers drop out. Once he is satisfied that enough people have dropped he then slows the rate but still finishing in at well under the alloted time.

    I understood that the CFT was supposed to be at a steady rate so that the 8 miles was covered in the two hours (or 6 miles in 90 minutes for the TA CFT)

    There are a number of TA and regular PTI's who follow this practice.

    Is this proper practice?

  2. No, it's not. A CFT MUST be completed between 1:55 and 2 hours. Any quicker or slower than this and you technically fail. But as you are supposed to take all watches off on PT, how would you know? You are also supposed to 'double' between 100 and 400m of every mile. As long as he stays within these guidlines then he is within his rights to go at whatever pace he wants.

    Hope that helps!

  3. If you look at your watch at the end of the CFT you know how long its taken you even if the watch has been in your pocket during the test. It does not sound very professional, setting a pace so fast that people fail and when satisfied that the PTI's ego is suitably enhanced slowing to a pace for the last two miles my grandmother could keep up with so that the completion time is not too quick.

    Recently two groups set off on a CFT, one did the route in Grantham as described in an average time completing in 1:55 no one failed. The other set off at a sprint doing what I described and half the group failed. I've seen the same thing at RTMC and a few other paces.

    Ego over professionalism?

  4. Firstly, he should not be setting off at a pace to, as you put it waste people. If you have a complaint it needs to be backed up with fact, not conjecture. So if you feel that strongly about it, use the system to make a complaint.
    And always looking to take a positive out of things get in the fast group, get your phys up and go on the PTI cse and make an effort to change things by your actions
    i.e. Taking AFT's correctly. ( don't get caught wasting people though)
  5. I've done a fair few CFTs, passed them all, but the ones I have done at a constant pace the whole 8 miles have been easy. I've also done ones where it was a beastly pace for the first 4 miles and found them a real pain. What's the point in this? Why do some PTIs like to make a CFT harder than it is? I think some PTIs are absolute cocks.
  6. Can you please point me to the regulation (JSP, Chapter and Paragraph will do) that states that you are not supposed wear a watch on PT.

    Ever so grateful
  7. Wont it be some health and safety bollocks about not wearing jewellery on PT?
  8. Probably mate, but as you and I know, quoted Elf & Safety regs are usually urban myth or super egos and f*ck all to do with actual law and regulation. I think there is a thread on the subject somewhere

    Wearing a watch on a PFT/AFT hardly threatens anyone and if that was the case all the metro-sexuals and split-arses should be forced to remove their various ear, tounge, nipple and fanny peircings :biggrin:
  9. We always have to remove our watches on a PFA, which makes it harder to gauge how we are doing.
    All piercing are normally removed or have to be taped up, that does provide amusement when lads have nipple piercing and have to rip the tape off their chest hairs afterwards.
  10. Have you got any piercings Stacker?
  11. Not seen too many girlies running around with tape over their ears!

    Is it only the blokes who are inspected for nipple rings, I certainly hope not in the E&D compliant army :biggrin:

    Then again the PTI never really tells me to take my watch off, funny old thing life :wink:
  12. Come up with enough money and I might let you find out.

    They were stupid enough to admit it.
    E&D on PT? When did you last see females go "skins" in sports?
  13. I've just been through my satchel and can give you 27p in Falklands money, some dog pooh bags (unused) and a fluffy Drumstick Lolly.

    I eagerly await your response.
  14. Well, it was more that what I was expecting, but I have a girlfriend now, try again at the end of the month.
  15. With regards to watches, Matts 2 states:
    "7. Jewellery and rings are to be removed before the
    test begins - where rings cannot be removed, they
    are to be taped."

    8. You may wear spectacles and personal watches if
    you wish."

    I dont have a problem with people wearing watches, I just make sure they are aware that the only time that will count is that of the timekeeper.